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Bad grades

So, to this Askme, I posted this:
You do realize, don't you, I guess you even said it, that "'Analyze' something" is a horrible assignment. And though you said it, you still are looking for ways to get off the hook here. I know, I'm telling you things you've already said you don't need to hear, tough. 300 level, juniors, one step beyond sophomoric confidence (often that's a big step into a deep abyss), and you want creativity? Without reassurance? Really? Go in on Monday, or tomorrow if it's an MWF class and write a big "F" on the board - then tell them that's your grade. You still get off the hook in away you are trying to avoid letting them off, you don't have to make these asinine decisions, and the grade won't count against you the way it would them. Be honest with your kids (yeah, your and kids), it will make you a better teacher, and I've spent a lot of time on both sides of different level classrooms, and screwed up a ton too.
And it was deleted. I know he admitted that he made a mistake, and didn't want to hear about it, I don't like hearing about my mistakes either, but the asker won't admit the mistake to his own students, which is the real step he needs to take. Is the only allowed answers the ones that say, "Poor, baby, hears how you escape responsibility and screw your students that did their best"?
posted by Webnym on Oct 6, 2011 - 36 comments

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