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"Also On" Cleanup

We've tidied up a bit in the "also on" sites in your profile. First, the cleanup discussed previously has been done. Thank you to everyone who categorised websites on the wiki and made it easier on me (if no less saddening) to remove deceased sites. Second, Mastodon and Diaspora have been, after requests and discussion, added. [more inside]
posted by frimble on Apr 9, 2018 - 47 comments

MetaFilter -> Diaspora

Can we add Diaspora to the social app list in our profiles? (Also can this be a thread for MeFites who want to link up on Diaspora with other MeFites?)
posted by hermitosis on Nov 29, 2011 - 31 comments


Are any mefites on Diaspora? I just got my invite and I see three other people there who are following #metafilter, but I bet there's more of you. I'd like to systematically add mefites as contacts, so if you are on there and want to be added, please either follow #metafilter, or contact me.
posted by lollusc on Nov 13, 2011 - 26 comments

Gender (Go nuts). Somebody did.

It's fascinating that the decision by the developers of Diaspora, the ("open" but currently in closed alpha) Facebook alternative to make "Gender" a text field got a lot of attention (mostly on Twitter), a lot of it rather negative. Considering that MetaFilter has always done that. (I pointed it out to them) [more inside]
posted by oneswellfoop on Nov 29, 2010 - 147 comments

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