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Disabled Contacts

7 people just removed me from their contact list! From beyond the MeFi grave! [more inside]
posted by carsonb on Mar 13, 2012 - 81 comments

Another One Bites The Dust?

Forktine is gone? No! Why? Does anyone know what happened, or if he's coming back?
posted by newpotato on Jul 20, 2011 - 2 comments

Contacting the disabled

I should probably know this but if I ever did, I've forgotten, and I'm drawing a blank hunting around right now. Is there a way to MeMail someone who has disabled his/her account, or otherwise find useful contact info from their page? [more inside]
posted by Decani on Jul 4, 2011 - 14 comments

Wo bist du, Peter?

What happened to koeselitz? Come back! I always appreciate your intelligent, thoughtful, learned comments. [more inside]
posted by nasreddin on Feb 14, 2008 - 87 comments

WTF, quonsar?

This account is disabled. What? When? Why?
posted by timeistight on Nov 23, 2007 - 462 comments

This account is differently-abled?

Hey, I see we now have a "This account is disabled" flag to slap on banned users' profiles. Any other additions along these lines?
posted by yhbc on Aug 30, 2007 - 102 comments

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