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Help me understand this.

Can someone explain for me why it seems like whenever there is good news (with political aspects) announced on the Blue, there always seems to be a compulsion to bring forth what The Other Side Says? I'm thinking of things like this and this, for recent examples, but it used to be quotes from Little Green Footballs or whoever was the MetaFilter bete noire of the day. (This is not a callout and I'm not asking anyone to stop--I just don't understand why people would intentionally seek out opinions they find repugnant.) [more inside]
posted by psoas on Apr 30, 2013 - 264 comments

This is why I fear for Metafilter.

"I thought I told you to go screw yourself, you fascist piece of shit."

This is why I fear for Metafilter. Not that people get away with this--he got called on it--but the fact that people feel it's necessary or desirable to say things like this to each other, increasingly, in all kinds of contexts. I don't care how vehemently you disagree, nobody here is "a piece of shit." I'm not asking for "sanctions" or anything, just wondering: is there any way to cultivate a sense of civility here, or should we just give up and leave the place to the jackals?
posted by rodii on Jul 20, 2001 - 55 comments

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