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Thank mod(s)!

I've never made one of these, but today I signed up to make a small monthly donation. The work the mods have been doing on the political threads is incredibly appreciated. I rely on those threads to have a sense of what's going on without having to go to twitter or facebook. Thank you mods for all the hard work you are doing. I really appreciate it. I hope that anyone else who is able to do so and has not done so before will consider donating to keep these folks with at least a bottle of ibuprofen for all the headaches we must cause them.
posted by sio42 on Dec 7, 2017 - 15 comments

Because You're Worth It, Metafilter.

How about a "Donate/Subscribe" link in the main menu of the site? As it stands now, if a user happens to hide the "Help Fund Metafilter" link at the top of the page, it disappears, never to be seen again. I don't think it's unseemly to make the option to support the site monetarily a little more visible and persistent.
posted by killdevil on Jun 1, 2014 - 70 comments

Help the tornado'd?

I'd like to hear from MeFites, Southern or not, who know who/what/where we can donate to, travel to, or otherwise do to help out the tornado-torn areas of the US. [more inside]
posted by deep thought sunstar on Apr 29, 2011 - 44 comments

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