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Testing Saved Post Drafts

Last week we discussed saving drafts of posts in case of browser crashes. Today we're testing this out on MetaFilter. [more inside]
posted by pb on Sep 25, 2015 - 39 comments

Draft Mode Request

I know this has been brought up many times in the past, but I would like to again request a draft mode for new posts. [more inside]
posted by roaring beast on Sep 15, 2015 - 62 comments

I think this Pony would be loved by many: previewing before 24 hours

Would it be possible to be able to preview your FPP, prior to your 24 hour time limit? [more inside]
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome on Jul 28, 2014 - 45 comments

— D R A F T   C O P Y —

Pony request. Essentially re-asking this after a seven year gap: what are the chances of having a draft mode for posts so they can easily be built up or refined at different times and locations?
posted by mazola on Feb 18, 2013 - 46 comments

My little wiki draft/collaboration pony

Pre-MetaFilter-Filter: a Drafts and Collaborations section is now open on the (unofficial) Mefi Wiki, as a place to share your ideas for MeFi posts, and work with other MeFites on new posts. [more inside]
posted by filthy light thief on Feb 1, 2011 - 51 comments

Draft Posts?

Saved drafts of posts for the blue - crazy idea?
posted by Miko on Aug 4, 2007 - 47 comments

A place to work on posts

It would be nice to have a little place (possibly on one's own user page) where one could work on posts.
posted by interrobang on Jan 19, 2006 - 36 comments

Here's a draft of FAQ.

Got a deep question? The draft of the FAQ is up.
posted by frykitty on Nov 18, 2002 - 64 comments

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