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Wasn't there a post about dry ice and ethenol equating to instantaneous drunkeness sometime in the last six months?

I recently got drunk with: a former professor and a chemistry major and claimed that: dry ice + ethanol === near instantaneous intoxication. Now that I'm mostly sober my Google fu fails to reveal evidence (in youtube + MeFi post form) to substantiate my claim. I'm 98.23% certain that I saw/learned this factoid on MeFi. Could some kind soul please help me? Confirm, deny, deride -- at the very least inform -- me. Just point, if so kind you would be, in the direction of the link - y. :-) Thanks.
posted by Grod on Jun 5, 2007 - 41 comments

Is this sweet or what? Well? Is it?

This is the cutest AskMe question and final answer in a while. Or, it's the saddest. I can't decide. Or maybe it's the result of split personality.
posted by The Deej on Jun 4, 2007 - 70 comments

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