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MetaFilter is moving to https as a default

A week from now, we'll be updating MetaFilter to always serve https pages instead of http! You most likely don't need to care at all that this is happening, but I'll explain what it means below. Come on in! [more inside]
posted by cortex on Nov 16, 2017 - 96 comments

Encryption Drive != Encrypted Drive

I realized when writing the ioerror post that, given the unrest this year, we should be encouraging people to use more encrypted communications whenever reasonable. How about a metafilter encryption pledge drive? [more inside]
posted by jeffburdges on Oct 11, 2011 - 73 comments

Links to Economist

This just in: The Economist allows subscribers to view subscriber-only articles. But I can't link to them. Anyway.
posted by sylloge on Oct 18, 2001 - 5 comments

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