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Can't we have nice (fake) things?

This isn't a call out at all, I just wanted to let people know how I'm affected and see if others have had the same difficulty. I'm pretty sure my executive function isn't as great as it could be... but I REALLY struggle when people are telling backstories and asking for advice and use letters instead of fake names to anonymise the people they're discussing. Eg X said to Y they failed to post the letter but Y had given it to B on the way to C and D’s house because Z was in Hobart . Easier for me : Patrick said to Tim he’d failed to post the letter but Tim had given it to Trinh on the way to Rachel and Krista’s house because Bronwyn was in Hobart. May I suggest that it's a lot easier for us to follow who the actors are if you give fake names? I'd like to ask people to consider using entire names, or nouns or something other than letters. It's super hard to follow. Even on a professional white background. ;-) [more inside]
posted by taff on Apr 6, 2018 - 51 comments

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