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Summer of the Wake

Inspired by this post from yesterday and this post from last year, I'd like to do a "Summer of the Wake": reading Finnegans Wake from June to mid-August. [more inside]
posted by naju on May 21, 2013 - 66 comments

Follow up to James Joyce copyright post

In June last year, Anjumu posted a link to a New Yorker article about the aggressive copyright enforcement followed by the James Joyce estate. A Joycean academic sued the estate for the right to publish certain material. They won. (see also Lessig)
posted by peacay on Mar 27, 2007 - 17 comments

online community dynamics: cruel v caring

Jorn's proto-rant goes right to the heart of online community dynamics, though I'd offer that it's the intelligent cruel folks who are the most dangerous. I'm tempted to see the caring/cruel split in terms of the political left and right, though I know that's not at all fair. What do you think, is there any wisdom in Jorn's words? And what does all this have to do with James Joyce?
posted by sudama on Oct 19, 2000 - 8 comments

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