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Laurie Garrett on NPR Morning Edition

The voice of the Notorious Laurie G is to be heard on NPR's Morning edition today. Laurie Garrett's--whose breezy, chatty email about attending the World Economic Forum conference in Davos, Switzerland was exhaustively analyzed here in Could This Be True? --journalistic specialty is reporting on modern plagues like HIV and Ebola for Newsday. On Morning Edition, she reported on the spread of SARS from Beijing to the countryside in China, which is--and pardon my Freedom--pretty fucking scary, and the power struggle going on between the factions of Hu Jin Tao and Jiang Zemin (see previous Freedom phrase) in the midst of all this, which is paralyzing the struggle to contain it on all levels, according to Ms. Garrett. On the job, she is a very competent and highly professional reporter.
posted by y2karl on Apr 30, 2003 - 72 comments

Analysis of Laurie Garrett

Lawmeme, Yale University's excellent law blog, has published quite an amazing analysis of the Laurie Garrett discussion.
The author, James Grimmelmann (our own grimmelm), not only critiques Garrett but also has some very interesting things to say about the MeFi response. This is not your "typical" various insundry blog entry, it is more akin to the basis of a thesis. I realize this was posted in the thread, but it is definitely worth added exposure.
posted by anathema on Feb 20, 2003 - 48 comments

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