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Where Do They Go? (and a question)

I have been a mefite for a few years now, and lurked as a non-mefite for about 2-4 years before. In that time I have seen many people leave Mefi, from a simple in-thread mod answer to someone's "Why is x's account disabled/closed?" to the full-on Metatalk flameout-'n'-flounce. And I have often wondered, where do they go when they leave here? So where do they go? Is there any data on this? And my question: In the Mefi Labs thread, I found out that the most suggested book was "The Gift Of Fear." I have only seen it referenced once, in a self-defence thread on the blue, and I wondered why it was so popular?
posted by marienbad on Jan 28, 2014 - 133 comments

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