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Meetup in Ottawa?

Those of you putzing around on MeMu know I am heavily into folksongs and folk singing. This Thursday at 7:30 pm I am hosting a song session at Rasputin's in Ottawa (696 Bronson, for those of you who live here). The focus will be strongly towards accapella song, whether in groups or solo, and there will (hopefully) be singing from as many different musical traditions as we can manage. Since I'm new here, I'd love the opportunity to meet some local Mefites; I thought this would be a fantastic excuse for a meetup. No singing is required, I'll only ask that you don't talk when someone is singing, out of respect for the singer. So, are there any Mefites in Ottawa interested in coming down to Rasputin's on Thursday? I'd love to meet you!
posted by LN on Aug 27, 2007 - 29 comments

daShiv in NYC

DaShiv is coming to NYC (fulfilling my hope). Circa Sep. 15 to 25th. If you don't know DaShiv, he is famous for his amazing knack for stunning professional-grade candid photography, especially in meetup contexts (not that we weren't all gorgeous to begin with). We need to: a) plan one or more meetups around his visit, with the focus being on providing good backdrops for all the pics he's going to take. I suggest at least one indoor location and one outdoor location. b) provide places for him to stay. I can donate floor space in Hoboken for a couple of nights. We need to do this soon so that he can confirm his flight dates and be sure that he won't be left huddled on a grate in Central Park, taking photos of rats.
posted by bingo on Aug 14, 2007 - 50 comments

Central New Jersey meetup??

C'mon Mercer County! Let's show Philly and NYC a thing or two about a meetup. What say you? Central NJ Meetup?
posted by deejay jaydee on Aug 3, 2007 - 34 comments

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