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Dr Strauss says I shoud rite down what I think and remembir.

According to the responses to this AskMe question, MetaFilter is home to 15+ regular users who score at least three standard deviations away from the mean on IQ tests (in the positive direction). And, moreover, these extraordinary savants monitor AskMe systematically enough to pick out questions relevant to their stratospheric intellects, and they are happy to discuss their lot (some via sock puppets). I think that we, the MeFi userbase, should be proud to share the company of so many outstandingly gifted individuals, and that this is truly one of the things that makes MeFi such an extraordinary online community.
posted by Nomyte on Mar 19, 2013 - 247 comments

Gregor Samsa awoke from a night of clubbing former actress Lindsay Lohan.

MeFi's Own™ nasreddin has won the Rossica Young Translators Award for his daring and inventive rendering of a passage from the new Viktor Pelevin novel. An excerpt of his entry starts on page 34 of this PDF.
posted by Nomyte on May 24, 2012 - 75 comments

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