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Sex Negativity on MeFi

I feel like a lot of AskMe comments about sexuality are conservative and prescriptive. Between giving shit to the guy who is masturbating a completely normal ten times a week, and calling the guy who gets the occasional hand-job from sex workers a terrible human being, the level of prescriptive, normative, and negative attitudes towards sexuality on MeFi this week seems high and troubling. I feel that much of the conservative and prescriptive nature of it eludes the MeFi goal of a wide variety of opinions/discussion/discourse and can be intimidating to people who might have non-normative information to share which is the sort of information we should be specifically encouraging. Can we have a chat like this--because I feel conspicuous and kind of like I cannot say anything at all when you have a dozen responses that contravene what I might have to say. I'm finding this frustrating.
posted by PinkMoose on Jun 18, 2012 - 297 comments

Negative options on the Contacts list

Can we have a 'nemesis' option in the Add Contacts screen?
posted by obiwanwasabi on May 11, 2006 - 63 comments

What's to gain from posting a negative comment?

Say you see a FPP, and say it sucks. What's to gain from posting a negative comment? Many comments I see are not only negative, they're downright vicious. If it's a double post, or a self-link, chances are it will be deleted. Furthermore - personally, if I see a post that's been there for a while and there are only a few comments, I'm not going to read the comments, simple as that. I'd bet many of you follow this as well. So why bash a lousy post?

Some of us seem extremely mindful of MetaFilter's integrity. Does it only hurt it further to barrage a poster with bitching? (PS - I'm aware of the fact that this very post could be a repeat, but it was hard to search for this - the ironing would be delicious).
posted by ORthey on Mar 30, 2005 - 44 comments

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