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a link to the *newest* item

The last week, I've been stymied by a mysterious bug that makes it impossible for me to see the front page of Metafilter in IE (5/Mac). (Yes, I've talked to Matt about it; yes, it's a mystery; no, I dont mind using another browser.) I'm working around the problem, at times when I don't want to use another browser, by linking to a particular thread page and then using the Newer and Older links to navigate. I never had much use for those links before, but now they're a godsend.

Anyway, what I wish I had was a link to the *newest* item. Not necessarily an addition to the Newer/Older interface, though that would be OK, maybe just a bookmarkable www.metafilter.com/newest URL, which always points at the newest item. SITO (sito.org), which has a similarly dynamic structure, has a TOP link which takes you to the level that's currently being built.
posted by rodii on Mar 4, 2001 - 1 comment

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