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Old comment about soda taste?

Does anyone remember an old comment about the taste of soda, and how if you had a discerning palate you could taste the difference between sodas that were made in different regions because the local water there would impart a unique flavor, and then the comment ended with an admission that, no, actually, everything the comment had just been claiming was sheer nonsense? Been looking to screenshot that.
posted by KChasm on Jan 7, 2023 - 18 comments

The battle is lost

Trying to find an old comment, possibly about a contentious grammar/usage issue ("irregardless" type thing but likely not "irregardless") where one user was consoling another in slightly archaic military shadings: "I agree with you, we were right, but the battle is lost, comrade. Spike the cannons and retreat" [more inside]
posted by dirtdirt on Dec 30, 2022 - 17 comments

Please help find a great street harassment analogy

I read a great comment on somewhere on Metafilter or AskMetafilter that likened street harassment to having random people continually going up to you and asking you for a dollar. You never knew who was going to ask you for a dollar and even though most people are never going to ask it left you on edge that anyone, at any point, would be begging you for a dollar. It was much better written though. Does anyone remember this?
posted by anonymous on Oct 29, 2014 - 10 comments

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