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Wenlock, Mandeville, Indian Chief

Metafilter has no official mascot that I'm aware of, though jquinby once proposed the giant squid. Wendell seems to have taken down his design for the overthinkin' bean. I have a critter here that deserves consideration: the pancake batfish, Halieutichthys aculeatus. "They're not like a flounder; they are much more mobile, more like a pancake with feet." [more inside]
posted by jfuller on Jun 17, 2010 - 104 comments

A pancakes T-shirt

i always wondered what kept metafilter going.

via boing boing
posted by taumeson on Apr 4, 2004 - 6 comments

pancake posts mostly deleted; but I want the one with the bunny

I was just running a search on the word "pancake" (stop glaring at me, I was looking for the URL for the bunny!), and the first hit at the top of the list was the complete "Schizophrenics make the best web sites" front-page post. In fact, half the posts it pulled up are threads that have been yanked.

Including the one with the little bunny. So I still the URL to that too, plz, if anyone remembers it. Please, no kittens.
posted by aaron on Feb 7, 2002 - 12 comments

pancakes are no longer funny

oh stop it with the pancakes already.
posted by palegirl on Feb 5, 2002 - 113 comments

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