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Are we a bunch of politically correct nerds?

DiscussionFilter: Is Metafilter (as a collective) horrendously biased and therefore a crappy measuring stick for 'Real Life'? [MI]
posted by Phire on Mar 14, 2007 - 131 comments

Mac vs. PC flamewars - stop it already

Is there any way to curb the Mac vs. PC flamewars that always seem to erupt when there's a Mac-related FPP? I point to this versus this on today's front page, which makes the blue seem like sort of geek Hatfield/McCoy thing. Should we just ignore it until it goes away? Is there a solution at all? (This is my first MeTa post, and I didn't get far with the search function, so many apologies if this is an unanswerable question or has been thoroughly covered in the past.)
posted by hifiparasol on Aug 2, 2005 - 64 comments

The use of "gypped"

A recent comment about "feeling gypped" made me curious about what people here think about the term. [more inside]
posted by Ljubljana on Dec 7, 2003 - 148 comments

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