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What do people think about polling the membership?

What do people think about polling the membership? A feature that would allow Matt (or others) to provide questions on popular issues/ideas/songs or whatever and get a sense of what the community thinks. The obvious example is topical stuff, e.g. who will the Metafilter users vote for in the election? This idea could either enhance the community, or divide it. The biggest negative is that statistics are misleading, they can polarize things, and they give people easy examples when they are generalizing, and that sucks. But, it would be fascinating to know how the community stands on a given issue. I still think this is the best community on the internet and the most interesting, and I think many people would like to know how we feel on this or that. If it were to happen in the style of this site, it would be a once every few months kind of thing. A side feature could be to have all discussion on that issue reside on that page (get them off the front).
posted by cell divide on Jun 29, 2004 - 29 comments

What percentage of threads do you read?

In this posting, user dhartung mentions that there are dozens of threads that he doesn't even read, after user RobertLoch asks if it's necessary to keep posting on the same old topics. Myself, I probably read around 25% of the total threads, and click on maybe 35% of the links offered-- even if a topic has been done to death it doesn't really affect me, as I just skip it. How about you? What percentage of threads do you read?

posted by cell divide on Mar 4, 2002 - 26 comments

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