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Three cheers for Chrysostom

Title says it all. Dude has been heroic in keeping the community fully informed during this intense campaign season (as he has many times before), and I couldn't find an appreciation post for him, so this is it. Thank you, Chrysostom! You are truly doing all of us a service every day.
posted by GrammarMoses on Nov 3, 2018 - 68 comments

Hamburgering RASSMUSSEN opinion poll data

The bias problems with Rassmussen have been discussed and mocked by the lefty blogosphere for years. This year, after an article in Politico, there seems to be a growing consensus among the MSM punditocracy that unless there are polls by other firms that can confirm Rassmussen's data; you shouldn't use them as your primary source for opinion polling. [more inside]
posted by liza on Aug 1, 2010 - 75 comments

That group's beliefs differ slightly from our own group's beliefs!

Can we stop with the "Those people are so stupid" poll posts? [more inside]
posted by FuManchu on Feb 22, 2010 - 156 comments

Y'all kick ass! Brag on Yourselves!

As a group-wide hug: I'm just curious as to what everyone's own personal favorite post or comment of their own has been. What do you look back on now and think, "right on, go me!"?
posted by Navelgazer on Jul 11, 2008 - 75 comments

Happy Mefi-day to me!

Today just happens to be my one-year Mefi-versary! In honor of this, I thought it might be fun for some of you old timers* to tell me about your favorite thread, post, question or project. MeTa tends to be kinda stuffy -- let's let the light in here and have a little fun, neh? [more inside]
posted by CitizenD on Jun 20, 2008 - 185 comments


What's the best thing (post, comment, question, answer, song, whatever) you've posted to Metafilter?
posted by dersins on May 23, 2008 - 157 comments

I want to know what MetaFilter is thinking.

I'd be interested in seeing where MeFites stand on certain things without all the requisite explanations, caveats, and general schtuff that goes along with the responses to an actual post. That all said, can we have polls? [more inside]
posted by andythebean on Feb 21, 2008 - 132 comments


Prognosticate for me, Mefites: what are your best guesses for the results of the Iowa Caucus? [more inside]
posted by orthogonality on Dec 30, 2007 - 59 comments


Just for fun - anyone wanna share their Halloween costumes with the rest of the MeFi gang? Or brag about their parties or other Halloween-themed events? [more inside]
posted by davidmsc on Oct 30, 2007 - 108 comments

clavs halloween poll

If you could be any spy for halloween, who would you be? [more inside]
posted by clavdivs on Oct 30, 2007 - 82 comments

Three cheers for AskMe

What’s the best question you’ve heard on AskMe? [more inside]
posted by hadjiboy on Sep 23, 2007 - 69 comments

Back-taggers: Ludicrous speed--GO!

Hey back-taggers! What are the top 10 tags displayed on your userpage? (For both MeFi and AskMe.) Also, we're nearing 50%—let's do a page (or 3 =) today!
posted by carsonb on Jun 25, 2007 - 43 comments

MetaFilter Debate Society.

MetaFilter Debate Society. Who would you pick for you side? Who would be the ideal opponent(s)?
posted by ericb on Nov 5, 2006 - 64 comments

New feature please: MeFi Polls.

New feature please: MeFi Polls. Briefly, it would be great to be able to construct simple polls which can be answered anonymously.
posted by hoverboards don't work on water on Jul 26, 2006 - 32 comments

What motivates people to post FPP:s to MeFi?

What motivates people to post FPP:s to MeFi?
posted by keijo on Dec 9, 2005 - 75 comments

Who are your favorite MeFites, and why?

Who are your favorite MeFites, and why? We all know about (and secretly enjoy) the feuds, the hissy fits, the sniping, but what about those folks whose advice or comments you consistently enjoy? Please give one (1) example for any or all of the following categories, and link to one (1) example of said sterling statement.*

#1 Smartest/most learned
#2 Most interesting/creative/off-the-wall (in a good way)
#3 Most thought-provoking
#4 Funniest

*jessamyn doesn't count; we all love her.
posted by rob511 on Nov 29, 2005 - 172 comments

what brought you to non-belief?

There has been a number of religion oriented threads recently. In these threads it becomes apparent that, compared to the population at large, Metafilter has a higher frequency of non-believers. Inspired by this thread* at another website, what brought you to non-belief?

* it starts a little shallow, but more indepth stories come eventually
posted by jsonic on Nov 25, 2005 - 345 comments

What are your favorite MeFi taglines?

MetaFilter: Something more than an infantile masturbatory impulse.
wait, maybe Metafilter: No good can come of a thread like this.
perhaps MetaFilter: Flag it and move on...
how about Metafilter: It's a big ball of problems apart from one user with question marks.
I know, Metafilter: This post, it vibrates?
That's it. I give. What are your favorite MeFi taglines?
posted by mystyk on Aug 19, 2005 - 47 comments

Do you have a cat?

There are often questions on ask metafilter about animals, but most of the time, the questions are about cats. It seems to me that--among pet owners--most metafilter users that have pets have cats. Is this so?
posted by interrobang on Aug 2, 2005 - 53 comments

What are your top 5 favourite Metafilter FPPs of all time?

What are your top 5 favourite Metafilter FPPs of all time?
Inspired by this comment.
posted by Edible Energy on Jul 21, 2005 - 41 comments

Anyone here from out of town?

Anyone here from out of town?
posted by arse_hat on May 24, 2005 - 87 comments

Which fictional character is this Mefite?

Which fictional character is this Mefite?
posted by orthogonality on Apr 21, 2005 - 106 comments

Polling the membership... is not a good post

Polling the membership to see what they think about a big-media story is not a good post, especially when there are no good links offered in the post, and the subject matter is hot-button, right-to-life kind of stuff. Besides: double-post.
posted by scarabic on Mar 18, 2005 - 73 comments

How do you regard the time you spend on MetaFilter?

How do you regard the time you spend on MetaFilter? Is it information time (keeping up with the web; news-gathering); social time (discussing; engaging with others); fun pure and simple; vegetative-time (like watching indifferent TV); time-wasting when having a break from work...or what?
[Apologies if this question is of no interest to anyone but me.]
posted by MiguelCardoso on Nov 10, 2004 - 53 comments

What are you dressed as for halloween?

What are you dressed as for halloween?
posted by Keyser Soze on Oct 31, 2004 - 45 comments

How old are you?

so who's the oldest mefite here? the youngest?
posted by bob sarabia on Jul 5, 2004 - 93 comments

How do you picture the bona-fide MeFi celebrities?

How do you picture the bona-fide MeFi celebrities? We read from them all the time, but they don't often give clues as to their real selves. If you don't make a meetup, you'll still need a picture of them in your head. So what do you think they're like? I'll leave the choice of celebrity up to you
posted by bonaldi on Jul 1, 2004 - 138 comments

What do people think about polling the membership?

What do people think about polling the membership? A feature that would allow Matt (or others) to provide questions on popular issues/ideas/songs or whatever and get a sense of what the community thinks. The obvious example is topical stuff, e.g. who will the Metafilter users vote for in the election? This idea could either enhance the community, or divide it. The biggest negative is that statistics are misleading, they can polarize things, and they give people easy examples when they are generalizing, and that sucks. But, it would be fascinating to know how the community stands on a given issue. I still think this is the best community on the internet and the most interesting, and I think many people would like to know how we feel on this or that. If it were to happen in the style of this site, it would be a once every few months kind of thing. A side feature could be to have all discussion on that issue reside on that page (get them off the front).
posted by cell divide on Jun 29, 2004 - 29 comments

Threads I wish weren't closed

There's some threads on AxeMe that I find myself wishing weren't closed. I know you've been busy and haven't had much time or possibly inclination to work on AxeMe, Matt, and I think/hope that maybe these threads will return via a sidebar or such...

But in the meantime, I was wondering what #1 and the gang's opinion would be on occasionally reposting questions that might benefit from the occasional update. I'm thinking of the fave reads, fave listens, and desktop threads in particular.
posted by keswick on May 24, 2004 - 12 comments

How do you find your MeFi time?

I can usually manage enough spare time to read and comment on a few threads a few times per week.
It occurred to me (while reading this MetaTalk thread) that other members must spend a much larger portion of their time here. Just out of curiosity are these folks unemployed or retired or are they spending a big chunk of their work-day here?
I'd also like to add a broader question: how many threads do other people tend to follow during whatever period they spend on MetaFilter?
posted by snarfodox on May 9, 2004 - 52 comments

User number thread

What's Your Number? Got bored and found out the comments for a thread that is my user number is this. Is yours a fun thread or are you one of the dreaded 5 comment losers?
posted by Dagobert on Oct 3, 2003 - 65 comments

come on and share your most embarrassing moment

Have you ever plagiarized and double-posted a two-day-old post about plagiarism? I have. Please make it less lonely in here, folks - come on and share your most embarrassing moment on MeFi so far!
posted by MiguelCardoso on Jul 11, 2003 - 89 comments

What do Mefites do for a living?

What do Mefites do for a living? I know we have just over A Trio Of Librarians, but is there a "most common" choice of career for a Metafilter member, or are most of us unemployed?
I imagine we have a gaggle of programmers & web designers, but are there any welders, boat builders, porn stars, farmers or bassoonists out there? What's the least common profession for a member?
I swear this was discussed once, I couldn’t seem to find it, but maybe it’s time to discuss again?
posted by Blake on Jun 25, 2003 - 250 comments

If you could dress up as anybody/thing for Halloween, what would it be?

If you could dress up as anybody/thing for Halloween, what would it be? {more inside}
posted by clavdivs on Oct 31, 2002 - 77 comments

Who's your MeFi crush?

Okay, there's been some negativity round these parts lately, so let's try this: Is there any MeFiosi upon whom you've developed a sort of (intellectual?) crush? (Potentially lame query, I know, but I figure it'll get some positive feedback going. We've spilled a lot of bytes talking about the people, or personae, we don't like, ad nauseam, so I figure the opposite is worth a shot. So shoot! Free love!)
posted by donkeyschlong on Jul 31, 2002 - 97 comments

What percentage of threads do you read?

In this posting, user dhartung mentions that there are dozens of threads that he doesn't even read, after user RobertLoch asks if it's necessary to keep posting on the same old topics. Myself, I probably read around 25% of the total threads, and click on maybe 35% of the links offered-- even if a topic has been done to death it doesn't really affect me, as I just skip it. How about you? What percentage of threads do you read?

posted by cell divide on Mar 4, 2002 - 26 comments

Q: what is the best designed weblog?

Q: what is the best designed weblog? For me, it's either what Kottke.org used to look like or DiK.
posted by ecvgi on Dec 3, 2001 - 24 comments

If you could be a professional criminal, what would you be?

If you could be a professional criminal, what would you be? (more inside)
posted by clavdivs on Oct 31, 2001 - 66 comments

Should I move to nowhere?

Not all webloggers or Mefis live in big cities. Some live in small towns, while others have moved from one to the other. I'm considering moving from the suburbs to a very small town in the middle of nowhere. I've taken care of the logisistics: telecommuting, finding a house and am already married. From those that have done it, what are the downsides? Upsides? Opinions of anyone who's done it would be very helpful.
posted by danec on Oct 30, 2001 - 20 comments

What do you think the most underated weblogs are?

What do you think the most underated weblogs are? I could give a damn about the popular ones: popularity usually = mediocrity, in my opinion. I'm just searching for the more obscure ones that don't suck. No shameless self promotion please. No one likes an egoist.
posted by Mr. skullhead on Oct 8, 2000 - 9 comments

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