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I gots a rep. to protect, man.

Bookmarking vs reputation - What is the purpose of the 'favorites' functionality? [more inside]
posted by His thoughts were red thoughts on Nov 10, 2011 - 104 comments

Not Commenting? Leave Them Alone

I don't think users should take pot shots at other users for their assumed political views when the other users haven't commented in the thread. Most recently, Malor wrotes, "I wonder where the primary shills for the Republicans, like dios or ParisParamus, go when threads like this come up?" Neither dios nor ParisParamus made any comments in that thread. According to Google, dios, for example, has been mentioned in about 100 threads in which he has not posted, and Yahoo puts that number much higher. Political threads are contentious enough without the sniping.
posted by monju_bosatsu on Feb 6, 2006 - 109 comments

Not how we'd like others to see us, is it?

Latest entry on the The Amos n Andy Episodes List? I think I'm with Malphigan on this. Talk about a poor reflection of MetaFilter to the larger world.
posted by y2karl on Nov 13, 2001 - 60 comments

Be careful what you post, kids, for your reputation.

careful what you post, kids, you never know what single thread will gain you a permanent reputation.

i swear i'm not an anti-SUV crusader

i guess i should have taken it to metatalk in the first place, so here i am.

posted by palegirl on Oct 29, 2001 - 27 comments

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