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Italicization is significant (again).

Should the search results pages' excerpts reflect the italicization of the original comments? [more inside]
posted by nobody on Jun 23, 2023 - 21 comments

Timestamps for search (pony?)

Unless I'm missing something, there is currently no way to see how old a search result is on the site other than clicking on the post in question to see when it was made. Are search results ordered in chronological order, or relevancy? [more inside]
posted by lesser weasel on Jun 12, 2018 - 6 comments

Pony: Don't send focus to search box when search results page loads

When a search results page loads, the focus moves into the search box (in the form with id "sform"), and I wish it wouldn't. [more inside]
posted by stebulus on Aug 15, 2013 - 16 comments

RSS feeds on Google

Can the RSS feeds be hidden from Google? They're pretty much useless in search results (like the first hit on this one).
posted by bonaldi on Mar 21, 2007 - 13 comments

Suggested use of robots.txt for better searching of MeFi and related subdomains

Robots.txt for the <tagname>.metafilter.com domains should exclude all rebots. Currently the robots reindex the entire site for each subdomain.
posted by Sharcho on Jan 15, 2006 - 23 comments

Metafilter ranks third when using 'weblog' as a search term in Google

Metafilter ranks third when using 'weblog' as a search term in Google at the moment. Worth celebrating?
posted by feelinglistless on Jan 9, 2005 - 23 comments

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