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Is it kosher to repost someone else's self-link? [more inside]
posted by kyleg on Aug 22, 2011 - 26 comments

Self-link = TEH BANHAMMER!

How do we detect self-links? Interested in the mechanics and rules. [more inside]
posted by stratastar on Sep 25, 2010 - 102 comments

self-link FPP

self link FPP, isn't this a no-no? [more inside]
posted by lothar on Feb 23, 2010 - 49 comments

Not on the internet? Impossible!

Let's say I find something in a book or magazine that doesn't exist on the internet - is there an OK way to include it in a MeFi post without self-linking? [more inside]
posted by AzraelBrown on Oct 19, 2009 - 48 comments

Big (Pepsi) Blue

Self-link policy question: I'm one of the creators of a site that features a lot of user-generated content (and has been discussed on MeFi before). One of our users recently made something that I thought was pretty cool, and I'd like to share. The problem is that I have a conflict of interest here -- of course I want to drive more traffic to my site in general, but then I genuinely think this particular thing that a complete stranger made is pretty neat and people would find it enjoyable. Any opinions?
posted by xthlc on Jul 24, 2007 - 25 comments

Self-link callout

Self-linking to stress-test
posted by CaptMcalister on Dec 9, 2006 - 43 comments

Likely self-link

Likely self-link. [mi]
posted by Malor on Aug 22, 2006 - 120 comments

Self link

Self link.
posted by agropyron on Dec 28, 2005 - 52 comments

Where'd that comment go?

I could have sworn that somebody posted a link as a response to my question. Now that I have time to actually check it out, though, the link is gone. What gives? Bug? Gratuitous moderation? Anyone know what the link was?
posted by jdroth on Jul 21, 2005 - 20 comments

Self-linking boundary question.

Self-posting question:

I know it is poor form for me to post a front page link to my own web site. What about to a site that I have other involvement in? For example, say I were Editor in Chief of a newspaper and I post a link to a controversial article from said paper. Is that bad? Does it make a difference if I am up front about my involvement in the paper?

Just trying to get a feel for what the community standards are.
posted by jewishbuddha on Nov 9, 2001 - 33 comments

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