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I predict the answer will be neigh...

Two Shetland ponies for you. One's cute and cuddly... the other one you may not like... [more inside]
posted by twine42 on Jul 31, 2008 - 34 comments

Self Linking in the Green?

Is there a policy about possibly slipping self-links in via AskMe instead of the blue? For an example, see this post
posted by Justinian on Jun 3, 2007 - 92 comments

AskMe Etiquette

AskMe etiquette: is it OK to use AskMe answers as a lead-in for business? Someone close to me is a professional career counsellor/resume writer & I've thought of recommending they join MeFi specifically so they can join in answering job-related questions, with a thought to promoting their own services if people want more in-depth assistance. I'm absolutely NOT talking about a cookie-cutter spamish approach that purely takes advantage of the community while giving nothing in return, but real answers that help people out with an understated offer to provide something more substantial at a price. I see a lot of job- & career-related posts to AskMe & I see it as a good fit, but I'll only suggest it to them if I get a thumbs up from the hive.
posted by scalefree on Jan 12, 2007 - 43 comments

spam spam spammity spam

This is a spammy self-link in the comments of the green, from a shiny new user. The poster almost asked permission in the gray (the thread just below this one), but I suspect that this isn't quite what #1 had in mind when he said to go ahead and make the post.
posted by toxic on Nov 16, 2006 - 9 comments

Generally helpful selflinks

This user links to his own blog in six answers from the thirteen he has provided for other AskMe users, including recommending his own blog as one of his favourites. His only comment on the blue links to his blog. I am reluctant to bring this up as the answers he provides are generally helpful, on the other hand he seems more likely to help if he can link to his website. I guess Matt can decide is this is insidious spamming or not.
posted by fire&wings on May 24, 2006 - 8 comments

Self-links in askme posts?

Although the self-link was fixed by Jessamyn, I doubt that this was posted in the true spirit of AskMe, considering that the OP was booted from MoFi for self-linking ten days ago.
posted by Alvy Ampersand on Feb 21, 2006 - 109 comments

A terrible appropriation of the site to meet one user's needs

I think AxMe is not where poor posts go to die.
posted by shepd on Oct 14, 2005 - 11 comments

Gratuitous self-link, or a legitimate part of the question?

Gratuitous self-link, or a legitemate part of the question?

It's not quite as bad as this one, since in this case the self-link has at least a theoretical connection to the question being asked, but it still feels to me more like bwerdmuller is hoping that "the best way to find new business fast" is to post a link to his own work on a popular forum and see if anyone bites.

Am I just being grumpy? Where should we draw the line on self-promotion within AskMe?
posted by ook on Dec 5, 2004 - 26 comments

Are self links okay in AskMe?

Are self links okay in AskMe? This question appears to appropriate AskMe for a commercial purpose.
posted by timeistight on Jan 13, 2004 - 34 comments

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