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AskMe questions popping up on The Vine.

Looks like our answers to anonymous just don't hack it: The second question on "The Vine", seems remarkably similar to this question, on AskMe.

Though, I have to wonder: I understand the desire for a second opinion, or maybe a third, possibly even a fourth, but what makes you think "Yeah, sure, I got 75 answers the last time I asked this, but I think I need to get a 76th opinion."

Note: There's no permalink on The Vine, so I have no idea when the question will scroll off into the archive, replaced by a new second question that renders this post incomprehensible. Sorry.

Note: this is not a callout or complaint, just something I found interesting and MetaFilter related
posted by Bugbread on Dec 14, 2006 - 19 comments

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