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Everybody needs a hug

AskMe responses seem to be getting meaner over the years. It keeps me from posting anything but the most fact-based or unimportant questions, so I suspect it keeps other people from posting substantial questions, too. Is this the atmosphere we as a community want for AskMe? [more inside]
posted by lazuli on Nov 27, 2018 - 298 comments

Likelihood to "go smoothly": necessarily a positive quality in a topic?

I'm curious about the deletion message for an article I posted to the blue: "This is a kind of incoherent article on a topic that's not likely to go smoothly. -- restless_nomad". I have no objection to the deletion! But the stated reason raises an interesting question, I think: are good topics necessarily topics that generate discussions which go smoothly? [more inside]
posted by artemisia on Feb 6, 2014 - 185 comments

Method commenting?

Assuming an AskMe poster does not explicitly request that advice or information be delivered in a specific way (e.g. "I need some tough love right now", "explain this to me like I'm five"), what prompts you to respond to an AskMe in a particular way? [more inside]
posted by koucha on Nov 21, 2013 - 91 comments

Can calls for civility be a barrier to civil discourse?

Several MetaFilter posts recently have involved marginalized people critiquing the actions of more privileged allies or beloved internet institutions, resulting in contentious comment threads. A pattern emerged in these, most clearly in the most passionately-argued of these, on the retitling of a Wikipedia page from “Chelsea Manning” back to “Bradley Manning.” That pattern involves complaints that comments made by more marginalized individuals are shrill, harsh, and/or overemotional. While I embrace MetaFilter's guidelines that discourse be civil, I think it is possible that tone arguments sometimes function as a sort of ad hominem derailing practice out on the blue. Is this something we should be discouraging? [more inside]
posted by DrMew on Sep 6, 2013 - 781 comments

Hey, do you know what an unproductive comment looks like?

Can we have less comments like this, please? It doesn't really add anything to the discussion, and I'm glad that most people ignored it, but I'm having trouble just letting it go. [more inside]
posted by MattMangels on Feb 28, 2013 - 61 comments

Using an appropriate tone of response to personal questions

Fair criticism: "I think your post was just a little over the top."
Getting too personal: "Pretty poor showing - but hey, we need to hear what [commenter] thinks we need to hear. Who am I to argue with that?"
Over the top arrogance: "Look [commenter], if you had 2mm of latitude to accept some criticism about what you said, this would have been over a long time ago. Don't feel the need to defend yourself." [Because I prefer attacking people who don't fight back -- editorial comment and emphasis added].
Hypocritical lashing out and name-calling: "Senor [another commenter] - other than playing an incredibly biased referee, what are you doing here? Don't you have more important threads to not participate in?"
posted by orthogonality on Dec 18, 2005 - 104 comments

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