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Meme migration from Fark and Memepool

Would some of you old-timers care to talk about the phenomenon of "Meme-Migration"? Seems like lately I've been seeing a bunch of Fark pointers showing up as contribs 6-24hrs later in here; Fark.com appears to be lifting whole blocks of pointers from wiredpress; Memepool links pop up here, there, and everywhere; and on occasion, I see our stuff show up in places 8-48hrs after posting. Has it always been this way, or is this the evility of the much vaunted 'New Wave' of Meta-citizenship? And is it any loss of value? Fark tends to be a pretzels-and-beer local bar VS. Metafilter's MENSA meetings.
posted by Perigee on May 20, 2001 - 16 comments

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