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65: Unreliable Wet Ware Factor
September 19, 2011 3:17 PM   Subscribe

Episode 65 is just me and Jessamyn shooting the breeze about the last month and a half of posts to the sites. Enjoy.

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MeFi Music mentioned

Fela Beat (2001-ish) by Hoopo

Song about a Homophobe by snsranch

white wedding by sleepy pete

Jessamyn's Birthday

The McNugget Number and Frobenius Number

MeFi Projects

Rougelike Radio a podcast about roguelike games

Monsters of Grok t-shirts for great thinkers

Leggy Lady creative style blog

Scientific Side-lights blogging a 1902 encyclopedia one day at a time

Huxtable Hotness a blog about the Cosby Show fashions

MeFi Posts

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl: the YouTube series (older post: TSA has a "thing" about black hair)

Juggalo Like Me: a Gawker editor goes to the ICP festival (older: My date with The Magic the Gathering champion)

A giant post about Savile Row tailoring (city called "Usa?" FALSE)

Going the store: a really oddball video you just have to see

Frequently Asked of MetaFilter

Streets of Fire

The Hurricane Irene post and bigger MetaTalk post about Hurricane Irene

MetaFilter posts for September 11, 2011 (barely about 9/11)

Ask MeFi Posts

How can you transfer a usable Metrocard between two people in NYC that aren't there at the same time?

Are there any comics featuring strong, non-scantily clad female superheros? (crazy spiderman pose post)

What's life like at a all-women's college?

Help me on my wedding day!

Help me build an awesome library of expensive art books!

What was the color of the sky six billion years ago?
posted by mathowie to MeFi Podcast at 3:17 PM (33 comments total) 2 users marked this as a favorite

There's no standard theme song because I couldn't find my old copy, so I used a song off Music!
posted by mathowie (staff) at 3:31 PM on September 19, 2011

well lookit you with your fancypants embedded video
posted by elizardbits at 3:43 PM on September 19, 2011 [1 favorite]

well lookit you with your fancypants embedded video

My first thought was *Aha! the img tag*

But now I had to sit through and watch it.
posted by infini at 4:20 PM on September 19, 2011

clarification: "had to" meaning I got to see it where I wouldn't have otherwise
posted by infini at 4:21 PM on September 19, 2011

What embedded video? I just see a (professional) white gap in the page.
posted by filthy light thief at 4:29 PM on September 19, 2011

Perhaps you have a flash blocking extension?
posted by Wolfdog at 4:33 PM on September 19, 2011

I'll have you know that I was here as the wife, two lights above the sea, listened to the Projects segment for the first time. She turned beet red over Matt's kindly lecherous comments.

So... thanks for that.
posted by supercres at 5:33 PM on September 19, 2011

Understanding Joshua is the name of the creepy puppet project.
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 5:38 PM on September 19, 2011

I wish MY Streets of Fire post had made it into the podcast.

[sulks away feeling unloved]
posted by Trurl at 5:45 PM on September 19, 2011

Did you get to the point where I mentioned your 9/11 post?
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 5:46 PM on September 19, 2011

Did you get to the point where I mentioned your 9/11 post?

Just listened now. Thanks for the positive words.

But did you really think a post about Iraqi classical music made on September 11 had nothing to do with 9/11?
posted by Trurl at 6:05 PM on September 19, 2011

I didn't think it was a coincidence, no, I just appreciated the lack of NEVAR4GET in it.
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 6:09 PM on September 19, 2011 [2 favorites]

Thanks for using our song, matt. I love when it's just you and jessamyn because you have such nice chemistry. Then there's the novel experience of getting to hear the echoing call of the endangered American Happy Warbling Employee in its natural habitat.

ooo-YEAH chuckle chuckle AW AW
posted by melissa may at 9:41 PM on September 19, 2011

Woohoo! I'm a substitute theme song guy! This is so going on my resume
posted by Hoopo at 10:39 PM on September 19, 2011

What did I just watch?
posted by pompomtom at 1:44 AM on September 20, 2011

Was cortex too busy minecrafting a 1:1 replica of Andorra or something?
posted by Grither at 3:57 AM on September 20, 2011 [2 favorites]

Given that the 1.8 pre-release is out, the answer is probably yes Grither.
posted by pharm at 5:45 AM on September 20, 2011

Hey, Pirate's awesome bespoke tailoring post got a mention. That's cool! :)
posted by zarq at 6:12 AM on September 20, 2011

Was cortex too busy minecrafting a 1:1 replica of Andorra or something?

That would be silly. 1:10 would be a lot more manageable and still have a pretty epic scale to it.
posted by cortex (staff) at 6:43 AM on September 20, 2011 [1 favorite]

The sad part about that Awkward Black Girl Show post is that if the poster had made it without the controversial framing (if she'd just posted the links to the youtube shows and mentioned the interviews after the fold) 90% of the people who saw it wouldn't have bothered to click on it and it wouldn't have been mentioned in the podcast. Thankfully it generated a bunch of silly negative comments so I got to watch the series, which is really really good.
posted by Potomac Avenue at 7:08 AM on September 20, 2011

The sad part about my previous comment is that I begin with "the sad part is" and end with "thankfully," which is great because I don't know what I'm saying.
posted by Potomac Avenue at 7:09 AM on September 20, 2011 [1 favorite]

How ironic maybe.
posted by griphus at 7:16 AM on September 20, 2011

The sad part is I know just what you mean; trying to tickle sleeping grizzlies is a dangerous but addictive sport. Thankfully, no one ever pays close enough attention to what I'm saying for it to matter.
posted by quin at 7:32 AM on September 20, 2011 [1 favorite]

In this podcast, jessamyn gave us a quote that will be my favorite (or at least most accurate) favorite Metafilter tagline ever:

Metafilter: There's other people who love things I do not care about at all
posted by MCMikeNamara at 12:21 PM on September 20, 2011 [1 favorite]

"Hey it's a naked guy! Only he's not really naked! This is disturbing what's good about this?"

Perfect reactions, all.
posted by Navelgazer at 2:24 PM on September 20, 2011

metafilter: just me and jessamyn shooting the breeze!
posted by liketitanic at 5:09 PM on September 20, 2011 [2 favorites]

Thanks for the complimentary shoutout for my Hurricane Irene post on the blue. As for the odd order of the posts (grey before blue) I'd been following the Metatalk Irene post from the start, as I was in an area likely to be flooded.* As that Saturday night went on, Irene was starting to enter NJ, and the posts from up and down the east coast (and elsewhere) were flying in the Metatalk thread. Basically, it behaved like a live event post, because it was. When Skygazer suggested an Irene part two post, Jessamyn commented "Honestly? This thread was enough of a reach on MeTa. Maybe someone can make something more than a CNN-link post to MeFi proper about the weather event and conversation can shift there?" So, I decided to make it happen. skitchen (Mr. booksherpa) helped find links, et voila. IIRC, there had been Irene posts that had been deleted because nothing had happened yet. Anyway, the conversation stayed where the momentum was. My one big regret is that I didn't include Vermont in the post, but my memory is that although there was talk of Irene's remnants hitting Vermont, no one had any idea of the devastation they would cause.

It's still not over here, like so many places. Last night, I had pizza from a place in Manville that was giving 100% of their proceeds from 5-9pm to a local fire company that had gotten flooded. I have friends who have blue tarps all over their roof from the tree (complete with hornet's nest) that crashed into it. They've lived in New Orleans, though, and are taking it in stride. I know there's people in many places that have it worse - no home, everything lost. Sometimes it's a shame when the news media moves on from a story...

* Somerset County, NJ, and we were definitely flooded (Manville, Bound Brook), though not me personally.
posted by booksherpa at 7:54 PM on September 20, 2011 [1 favorite]

I'm hoping mathowie reports back with the name of that deep sea photo book... sounds amazing.
posted by polymath at 12:14 AM on September 22, 2011

I am glad I am living in an era where, if I choose, I can order 43 McNuggets.

I'll take them to go just put them in my mouf pls thx
posted by not_on_display at 3:24 AM on September 22, 2011

So you have a part-time mod and apparently still an intern thing, but there is still no regular MetaFilter Music Podcast? COME ON ALREADY
posted by Alvy Ampersand at 6:40 AM on September 22, 2011

By which of course, I mean: Excellent work by Hoopo, snsranch, sleepy pete, & melissa may!
posted by Alvy Ampersand at 6:42 AM on September 22, 2011

polymath, this was the book.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 10:45 PM on September 23, 2011

posted by iamkimiam at 1:14 AM on October 3, 2011

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