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Mathowie question: how do you split up your time?
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I'm curious - and please, feel free to delete this if you don't want to answer/don't have the time...

How do you budget time for your various sites?

Is it random (hey, I have some time free...)?
Is it a block of time (5-7 each night)?
Do you have a list of things things you attend to?

I'm curious - I read here, see how frequent you post, look at DVR blog as well..

I'm running the life to the edge, and I'm curious about how your organize your web behavior.
posted by filmgeek at 8:25 PM on September 2, 2005

Email is in his profile. Might be faster?
posted by mds35 at 8:37 PM on September 2, 2005

Let me be the first MeFi asshat to answer for him in saying...
"If you think my life is organized, then why do you think MetaFilter goes down more often than I change Fiona's diapers?"
posted by wendell at 8:50 PM on September 2, 2005

As a member with kids, let me say .... STFU.
posted by R. Mutt at 8:51 PM on September 2, 2005

I don't really plan or budget my time for sites.

It's totally random, whenever I have some free time, and whatever is interesting/pressing at the moment.

I have an internal list in my head that's a mile long of stuff I need to do, and I just start on whatever I feel like completing at that moment.

My time is definitely shorter these days, which is why a lot of personal projects and mefi expansion has stalled a little, but I'm hopeful that things will be changing soon and I'll have a lot more time to devote to this stuff.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 8:54 PM on September 2, 2005

Sorry, let me say... I didnt mean what I said to be so cold ... it is just that given everyone I know with children/life/work stress, it is AMAZING that everything Meta functions at the level that it does.
posted by R. Mutt at 9:01 PM on September 2, 2005

Thanks for the indulgence matt.


I believe that a higher number of us, in this community, are early adopters. Isn't that really what metafilter is...the best of the web - those memes that are ahead of the rest of the net?

So, realizing I'm an early adopter...I'm curious about the same problem which I think has become worse (and will only increase) - which is the volume of information we all deal with.

The whole GTD movement, for example, is really a method of dealing with the onslaught of commitments we all face. I've taken the time to look at the sites you're involved with (obviously the web and communications has been a passion for you.) With the addition of a child in your have more on your plate than ever...

Feeling in the same boat myself (no kid, just overcommitted) I was curious if you had a method to the madness.

Thanks again.
posted by filmgeek at 10:38 PM on September 2, 2005

So, realizing I'm an early adopter

16,243? Not THAT early...
posted by justgary at 10:56 PM on September 2, 2005

*thumps justgary in the head with a 75 baud network modem the size of a large microwave*
posted by loquacious at 1:03 AM on September 3, 2005

75 baud, wow. I always thought I was cool because my first modem was a 300 baud on my Commodore 64. Of course, I have no idea what speed that old telephone handset coupling thing was that my dad used in his office...
posted by spaghetti at 4:38 AM on September 3, 2005

Please justgary. You're Mr. Cool.

fwiw, I didn't bother to join MEFi, because of comments just like this one. I'd been reading is somewhere in the first year.
posted by filmgeek at 5:27 AM on September 3, 2005

My first computer was an abacus.

Please justgary. You're Mr. Cool.

Now that would have been a wonderful user name.
posted by justgary at 6:49 AM on September 3, 2005

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