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So, uh, when you check through your old Ask.Me threads that you've posted in, and use the numbers at the bottom to skip pages (or the "Next" link)? It totally doesn't work (perhaps the offset variable is broken?). Firefox and IE. Just FYI.
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Also, as was mentioned before, that whole "donate to the redcross thing" will break the "login" link in if you're not logged in.

although it's quite possible i'm crazy.

on both fronts.
posted by fishfucker at 12:26 AM on September 9, 2005

although i found the post I was looking for using the google "site:" entry.

goddamnit google, you're kickin some ass.
posted by fishfucker at 12:28 AM on September 9, 2005

ok. I am crazy. I guess clicking on the number will start you at the same beginning post but you'll see a hell of a lot more listed underneath it.

posted by fishfucker at 12:41 AM on September 9, 2005

Yeah, that seems pretty busted. Instead of showing say, posts 301-350, it's more like 1-350. I'm pretty sure that's not the intent, so you're not too crazy.
posted by kyleg at 1:15 AM on September 9, 2005

ff, click on the last number and you'll be able to see all your posts on one page. I like this "feature" as it makes it easy to search if you know a word you used.
posted by dobbs at 1:25 PM on September 9, 2005

This is a known bug on Matt's list of things to fix. It's been months, though, so maybe he needs another bugging.
posted by abcde at 11:29 PM on September 9, 2005

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