I like the donation link, but it's breaking functionality. September 12, 2005 7:26 AM   Subscribe

Not trying to negate the Red Cross donation link, but the image transparency covers the "username / logout" links -- at least in Firefox -- making them unusable.
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You can use the logout/in function at the bottom, above the posting box.
posted by fionab at 7:27 AM on September 12, 2005

See here and here.
posted by fionab at 7:29 AM on September 12, 2005

Ok, existant bug, thanks.
posted by cavalier at 7:34 AM on September 12, 2005

There are tens of thousands of people in Lousiana who can't even log in, and you're worried about logging out? For shame.
posted by Plutor at 8:08 AM on September 12, 2005

posted by cavalier at 9:00 AM on September 12, 2005

posted by Civil_Disobedient at 9:10 AM on September 12, 2005

Since this keeps coming up, and I haven't yet seen my question asked, I'll ask it here: the "red cross" portion of the corner banner has disappeared for me - all I see on the front page is the diagonal white bar that says 'DONATE TO THE RED CROSS'. Browser issue (IE6), screen resolution issue (1280x1024, on a 17" flat screen), or something else?
posted by yhbc at 9:47 AM on September 12, 2005

Hit me with a "too Obvious STFU" mallet, but er, have you tried Ctrl-F5'ing the page? Might have a goober in your cache. I noticed that on one of my IE reloads but a full reload fixed it.
posted by cavalier at 12:01 PM on September 12, 2005

No such luck; and logging out (through the MetaTalk page)and logging back in also didn't bring it back.
posted by yhbc at 12:33 PM on September 12, 2005

posted by NinjaPirate at 12:47 PM on September 12, 2005

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