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This seems like a blatant self-link, whatever the poster might say. What say y'all? And should I just have flagged it and moved on?
posted by nanojath to Etiquette/Policy at 8:32 PM (12 comments total)

That dude's a dick.
posted by xmutex at 8:38 PM on October 12, 2005

I think Matt could have figured this one out from the flags.
posted by smackfu at 8:41 PM on October 12, 2005

Well, if the question had been: "what about my website needs improvement?" There's a legitimate need for self linking so responders can actually view the object of the critique.
Even if it's accidental (like, if the poster didn't consider it a self link, do to whatever definition they're applying), the link to their website is entirely unnecessary and nothing about the quality of AskMe replies hinges on the responders being able to view the actual website.

I don't think you should have just flagged it. This could be a useful example/discussion.
posted by Jon-o at 8:44 PM on October 12, 2005

I mean, could I just go post a question like:
Who here wants to look at my artwork?

posted by Jon-o at 8:46 PM on October 12, 2005

I flagged it, I moved on. Then I saw the chance for some good MetaDrama. What fun!

In seriousness, the poster asks for information on how he "pissed off the regulars." P'raps we should give it to him.
posted by stet at 8:55 PM on October 12, 2005

stet - I did.

Out of curiosity, is there a newbie faq / etiquette guide?
posted by atom128 at 9:10 PM on October 12, 2005

this askme question sucks. thank you for posting this to meta for at least one reason:

I'm now going to go flag that post. It would not have come to my attention otherwise.
posted by shmegegge at 9:10 PM on October 12, 2005

What shmegegge said.
posted by dreamsign at 9:15 PM on October 12, 2005

I had flagged it too. I'm sure Matt would have figured it out. Just because he's not around for 10 minutes I dont think we should start Metatalking. Whats the point?
posted by vacapinta at 9:17 PM on October 12, 2005

I gave the guy the benefit of the doubt, removed the link and left the question.
posted by jessamyn at 9:19 PM on October 12, 2005

Nice work, jessamyn. Seems like the best way to handle it.
posted by stet at 9:34 PM on October 12, 2005

Ah, I think you're correct vacapinta. I was too quick on the draw. Sorry. I think this one can be closed, if the Powers That Be are listening.
posted by nanojath at 9:52 PM on October 12, 2005

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