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March 28

Please give full names before using acronyms

Whether it's the name of a person, a drug or medical treatment, a non-governmental organization (NGO), a less-common internet term, or something specific to your field of interest, please spell it out and only then use the acronym. [more inside]

February 26

How do we feel in 2024 about single-link FPP food/recipe posts?

What is your opinion about FPPs about recipes? Is a single-link FPP where the single link is a recipe too thin? (Discussion of the same question in February 2013.) Does the much-lamented rise of the "recipe" that's actually a 1,000-2,000 word essay wrapped around a recipe change the calculus for you? [more inside]

January 26

Idea: Require including TFA's author(s)/creator(s) in MeFi posts

Currently the posting guidelines don't mention including the author/creator in the FPP. This is not currently in the posting guidelines, but I think this could be really helpful for users make good decisions about which threads to participate in for a variety of reasons. Thoughts? [more inside]

January 24

Posting cool jobs?

I’ve been looking for jobs on and off for the past three years, and have often come across roles that look amazing - for someone who is not me! Is there any appetite for allowing Jobs subsite posts that round up links of interesting jobs, or any other part of the site where sharing them would make sense? [more inside]

October 6, 2023

WTF did I just see?!

kanuck posted some straight-up blackpill content on the front page. It's still up. I've flagged the post with a note for the mods, but how can we as a community respond more assertively to blatant misogyny that's "well packaged"? [more inside]

September 28, 2023

MetaFilter: Nazi bar problem.

I want to discuss how the MetaFilter community addresses comments and users who support or defend Nazi/fascist ideology. A user over in this thread, which discusses Canada's House speaker praising a Nazi veteran, had their comment removed and was given a moderator's note regarding this decision. But I don't find this acceptable. Why would we allow additional comments from this user to be made in that thread? An instant ban would be appropriate for anyone who wants to defend Nazis in this community, otherwise MetaFilter is just setting ourselves up for a Nazi bar problem. I'd like both the moderator team and the community to weigh in on this.

September 26, 2023

We Need to Talk About Ableism

The ableism in this thread was so blatant and astounding that we really need to talk about it. The notion that it’s ok because it’s a thread for caretakers to vent is nothing short of disturbing for a disabled person. We would not feel as though other forms of bigotry are ok to vent about in a thread and the people pushing back on it are just not understanding how necessary it is. This is not a matter of more moderation being a solution. This really is a matter for people to wrestle with and come to grips with. You are describing fellow Mefites as “grotesque.” You don’t view it that way, and we’re supposed to be ok with it because it’s your experience. But sometimes you really gotta challenge your experiences and ask yourself why you are treating something hurtful and subjective as an objective truth for yourself and learn how to change yourself. This is the work. This kind of ableism is rampant and that thread is a super distilled version of it. [more inside]

September 25, 2023

More Compassionate Advice

I've noticed in a couple of AskMes that the answers/advice being given can really be harsh sometimes. Especially when the person asking has maybe not been their best selves. Reading through a thread can seem like a pile on. I'm wondering if this is truly helpful. [more inside]

July 13, 2023

Can we please stop using the term "wheelchair bound" on MetaFilter?

Recently I have noticed several different commenters on MetaFilter using the phrase "wheelchair bound." This is a phrase that a lot of wheelchair users (including myself) find deeply objectionable, as wheelchairs actually give us freedom of movement compared to not having a wheelchair. (Also, a lot of wheelchair users are ambulatory wheelchair users, e.g. they can sometimes walk a very short distance.) The preferred term is "wheelchair user". If using it as an adjective, you can say "wheelchair using", e.g. "My wheelchair-using girlfriend."

May 25, 2023

Israel Palestine posts

With enormous compassion and respect for the work of moderators on this site, and an understanding that the intent is to avoid polarizing and exhausting debate, I want to ask that we consider the impact of the defacto policy of deleting almost all posts that relate to Palestine and/or Israel. [more inside]

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