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July 15

Acknowledging fears while avoiding doomsaying

I have a suggestion for community communication standards for posts such as the one on the shootings at Trump’s July 13 rally that make many of our fellow Mefites highly anxious. [more inside]

June 18

Previously on MetaFilter

Is it time to let go of "Previously?" Some topics have been explored, revisited, or detailed here many times, meaning that revisiting them in order to choose a "Previously" can be a time-consuming exercise. In 2024, MetaFilter tags, the search bar, and search engines provide many ways to access old site content.* Finding older relevant MetaFilter content is not the challenge that it was in 1999. On the other hand, MeFites do still comment favorably on things they have found in "Previously" links. [more inside]

June 10

confirming - occasional chatty posts on the Blue?

I seem to recall that chatty posts on the Blue were discouraged, but that that's changed (hence the rise of the weekly-ish Free Thread). Can we confirm policy and maybe get it in the FAQ? [more inside]

June 5

Team Threaded Comments

As requested, this is a MeTa post to discuss the derail that happened in this other MeTa post. [more inside]

June 4

How to show and hide US political posts

Hi all, just a quick note about US political posts for those interested in them and those who are not. [more inside]

June 3

Is "please no name calling" a big ask?

I'm bringing this up in regards to this comment, amongst many others. Is there a reason we can't just call Trump Trump? Is there a reason that we need to come up with some nickname like Lemon Husk for Elon Musk? Even TFG is confusing as some think it means "That Fucking Guy" when originally it was a quote from Biden about "That Former Guy" (which is still relatively demeaning). I think our community is better than silly name calling. I also think our community is getting so much better at accessibility that they would understand how, for some of us, jumbling letters in names just breaks or ability to interact with the content one posts. [more inside]

March 28

Please give full names before using acronyms

Whether it's the name of a person, a drug or medical treatment, a non-governmental organization (NGO), a less-common internet term, or something specific to your field of interest, please spell it out and only then use the acronym. [more inside]

February 26

How do we feel in 2024 about single-link FPP food/recipe posts?

What is your opinion about FPPs about recipes? Is a single-link FPP where the single link is a recipe too thin? (Discussion of the same question in February 2013.) Does the much-lamented rise of the "recipe" that's actually a 1,000-2,000 word essay wrapped around a recipe change the calculus for you? [more inside]

January 26

Idea: Require including TFA's author(s)/creator(s) in MeFi posts

Currently the posting guidelines don't mention including the author/creator in the FPP. This is not currently in the posting guidelines, but I think this could be really helpful for users make good decisions about which threads to participate in for a variety of reasons. Thoughts? [more inside]

January 24

Posting cool jobs?

I’ve been looking for jobs on and off for the past three years, and have often come across roles that look amazing - for someone who is not me! Is there any appetite for allowing Jobs subsite posts that round up links of interesting jobs, or any other part of the site where sharing them would make sense? [more inside]

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