How long are AskMe questions open? November 7, 2005 12:09 AM   Subscribe

AskMe questions still open for comments months after they were posted:

I thought that they were locked for archival purposes after 30 days? If this has changed, I didn't see where, and if this hasn't, it's a bug. I was perusing threads on Bipolar Disorder, and found this one from May, 2005: Is bipolar mis/overdiagnosed?. I was able to post a comment to the thread today, November 6th, 2005.

So, whatup?
posted by spinifex23 to Bugs at 12:09 AM (4 comments total)

This is called a "feature." Users wanted the ability to follow-up on old questions since AskMe is a Googleable resource for the whole Web. Matt increased the time to 6 months IIRC.
posted by kindall at 12:12 AM on November 7, 2005

I think it is supposed to be 1 year now. Whatever the duration actually is, that is the post which instigated the change.
posted by Chuckles at 2:05 AM on November 7, 2005

You know what would be "the bomb"? If we could select threads we wish to follow and if they are updated past a week we'd receive an e-mail.
posted by geoff. at 8:17 AM on November 7, 2005

OK, great - thanks for the update!
posted by spinifex23 at 8:28 AM on November 7, 2005

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