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Is a month too short a time to leave posts open for comment?

This post was made July 27. It's now August 28. It's already closed for comments. I missed responding to someone and now I cannot respond in thread but only by MeMail. [more inside]
posted by Mo Nickels on Aug 28, 2017 - 25 comments

A short update to an old Star Trek: Nemesis AskMe

In regard to the following two-year-old AskMe...
Is there any connection between the Nemesis movie script described in the movie Trekkies and the last ST:TNG movie, Star Trek: Nemesis?
[more inside] posted by blueberry on Apr 5, 2013 - 57 comments

Disabled Contacts

7 people just removed me from their contact list! From beyond the MeFi grave! [more inside]
posted by carsonb on Mar 13, 2012 - 75 comments

Why are threads closed?

Why are threads closed to new comments after 30 days in AskMetafilter? [more inside]
posted by b33j on Sep 3, 2011 - 57 comments

Out of the doorway the bullets rip

Remember Aardvark? Goodbye Aardvark. Aardvark will be shutting down at the end of September. [more inside]
posted by cashman on Sep 2, 2011 - 29 comments

PS: This Post Has Been BALEETED

Suggestion, not critical: perhaps a way to show that a post has been closed/deleted, in the style of the "X New Comments" update at the bottom of the thread? [more inside]
posted by taz on Jun 17, 2011 - 52 comments


Is there some reason for the plethora of closed threads on metatalk recently ? [more inside]
posted by sgt.serenity on Feb 21, 2010 - 135 comments

Infodump updates: contact dates, comment length, metatalk closures, munging

Infodump update: we've added a few new features. [more inside]
posted by cortex on Dec 14, 2009 - 151 comments

Open All Nite!

Mass deletions? 79140, 79144, 79147 and 79149 are all showing as having been deleted but none of them are closed for comments or given a reason for closure. Is my Greasemonkey broken or is your Blue broken?
posted by geekyguy on Feb 13, 2009 - 3 comments

Why close anon AskMe questions?

Why close an anonymous question at the poster's request? Here's an example (the recent question from a young guy who wasn't sure he wanted to marry) [more inside]
posted by desjardins on May 13, 2008 - 35 comments

so long

In reaction to jessamyn's apparently arbitrary deletion of the Dawkins/Hitchens fpp, I am hereby retiring this account. [more inside]
posted by Heywood Mogroot on Sep 11, 2007 - 9 comments

Nuking old RSS feeds ...

I have a question/suggestion about the RSS feeds attached to each post. (If I have misunderstood something, and this turns out to be a 'Doh' question, then my apologies in advance ...) Closed threads still seem to have an RSS feed associated with them, including a 'Subscribe' link at the top. These feeds will of course never be updated, so will keeping these around be damaging to MetaFilter's standing in Google/Technorati/etc. rankings? After all, as time goes by, we'll end up with a gadzillion feeds that are never updated, and only a few (relatively) that are. I'm sure the Googlebot must be trained to give ranking 'demerits' to blogs, etc. with feeds that are never updated. Nuking the RSS feeds for closed threads would also make it easier for users. At present, we never really know when any given thread that we are following by RSS is 'finished' or not. But if we see in our reader 'Feed failed to load', that will let us know that it's officially done, and we can delete it. I guess you could easily create a daemon that would run daily, nuking the feeds for closed threads ...
posted by woodblock100 on Aug 26, 2007 - 9 comments

Thread closing, generally; self links, particularly.

Can we keep threads open a bit longer, until the discussion covers some of the nuances of policy? Even when everything make sense to admins, it seems like the reason to have it on MetaTalk instead of via email is to clarify it for the rest of us. E.g., the recent "self-link" post was about someone getting banned for posting an article published by the same magazine he writes for. Presumably the magazine is just promotey and not cool or something, but I would've asked in thread if it were left open (I'd assume the same standard wouldn't apply if you were published by the New Yorker or something)
posted by mdn on Aug 24, 2007 - 54 comments

Thread killer! Thread killer in the night. I can kill a thread more than any troll would ever dare try-y.

Statistics on thread killers? A lot of people seem to think that they're usually the last ones to post in a thread and I would like this settled once and for all, especially since I thought I'm up for contention, especially recently. Consider this a sort of reverse popularity contest
posted by Deathalicious on Aug 19, 2007 - 111 comments

The return of Matt "Dirty" Sanchez

I am not sure where landed on the whole posting follow-up to the grey debate, so hopefully this is okay. Since the Matt Sanchez thread got some people's attention, I thought I'd follow up here and let folks know that the gay porn star turned marine has (allegedly) turned back to the gay sexcapades that made him infamous. That last link has text that is NSFW and a photo that is questionable (topless stud).
posted by sneakin on May 11, 2007 - 4 comments

Old thread not closed to comments?

I was looking at an old AskMe of mine from 2006, and it doesn't appear to be closed to comments (though I didn't try posting a reply.) The usual "this thread is closed" isn't there - instead, it's the normal reply box. Bug?
posted by IndigoRain on Apr 22, 2007 - 15 comments

Glastonbury Festival

Thought i got Glastonbury tickets this morning. no confirmation email yet. anyone else in the same boat?
posted by verisimilitude on Apr 1, 2007 - 5 comments


closed closed closed closed closed closed closed What is the deal with every fifth or so MetaTalk thread being closed? Yes, some get messy, but that is where issues get worked out. The petulant pres closes off discussion because he can't handle it. Why does MetaTalk all of a sudden close all these threads? MetaTalk can handle it.
posted by caddis on Mar 20, 2007 - 180 comments

Closed for archive on the same day?

Why is this thread closed for new comments? A rather interesting discussion was brewing on desirability vs. feasibility.
posted by effugas on Mar 18, 2007 - 46 comments

Little help?

So I heard about a thread where someone posted a picture of a guy in a plush dolphin suit fucking a 300 pound woman. I can't find it. Little help?
posted by shmegegge on Feb 11, 2007 - 2 comments

is this site installing malware

Clicking the link in this post takes me to a site that repeatedly tries to download a .wmf file onto my computer, and is setting off anti-virus alarms for other members.
posted by mediareport on Jul 23, 2006 - 6 comments

Why was this question closed?

Why was this question closed -- it was really not all that bad and was generating some good answers....What is metachat (where they told me to post it)?

Thanks -- http://ask.metafilter.com/mefi/37437
posted by skepticallypleased on May 2, 2006 - 49 comments

Computer not recognizing iPod

I have a 20GB 3G IPOD with 4,000 songs. All of a sudden my computer will not recognise it when I plug the IPOD into the USB port. I tryed to use updater but that won't recognise my player either.I can still listen to my songs, it just won't hook up. Any ideas? Cheers to all!
posted by hophead627 on Jan 20, 2006 - 38 comments

An air of prestige and exclusivity

If you close signups for a couple of years it will lend an air of prestige and exclusivity to Metafilter.
posted by The Jesse Helms on Dec 1, 2005 - 55 comments

Closed Threads

"This thread is over 30 days old, and has been closed for archival purposes." No, the thread life has been extended on all parts of MeFi, right? So the message needs changing?
posted by Tuwa on Nov 12, 2005 - 5 comments

How long are AskMe questions open?

AskMe questions still open for comments months after they were posted:

I thought that they were locked for archival purposes after 30 days? If this has changed, I didn't see where, and if this hasn't, it's a bug. I was perusing threads on Bipolar Disorder, and found this one from May, 2005: Is bipolar mis/overdiagnosed?. I was able to post a comment to the thread today, November 6th, 2005.

So, whatup?
posted by spinifex23 on Nov 7, 2005 - 4 comments

Is there any way to indicate that a thread has been closed when using comment preview?

Feature Request: Is there any way to indicate that a thread has been closed when using comment preview?
posted by loquacious on Sep 8, 2005 - 11 comments

Let OP update closed posts in AskMe

This is perhaps indulgent, but it would be potentially useful in ask.mefi if the instigator of the thread could post just once after the thread has been frozen. Some questions resolve after several months, and it would be a possible benefit for those googling for information to see closure, i.e. "this is what ended up working the best, x was right" or what have you. Perhaps this is just imposing a false narrative closure on messy reality.
posted by mecran01 on Aug 27, 2005 - 5 comments

[closed] note does not appear on the archives pages

The [closed] note does not appear on the archives pages.
posted by raedyn on Jun 7, 2005 - 4 comments

I disagree with the decision to close this MeTa thread.

I disagree with the decision to close this MeTa thread. I understand that you made a decision regarding the topic, and I understand that it could have devolved into name-calling, but as it stood, the comments were reasonable and without personal insults. A better discussion could have ensued regarding flagging etiquette and how to deal with obnoxious comments; in fact, the makings of a good conversation regarding what constitutes a flaggable offense existed. I just felt that the closing was premature.
posted by BlueTrain on Mar 7, 2005 - 91 comments

Can we close bad AskMe threads that take off?

I can recall a few times in recent history where a thread that failed to meet the guidelines of AskMetafilter stayed around for a while because no one happened to be around to nip it in the bud -- and then the thread accumulated so many interesting answers that people had gotten attached to it and Matt was reluctant to delete it. I sympathize with this reluctance but also feel that appropriate deletions are good for preventing the mission of AskMe from drifting too far afield. Would the ability to close AskMe threads be a good compromise solution for these cases?
posted by redfoxtail on Mar 6, 2005 - 42 comments

I want to be able to ban myself from Metafilter temporarily.

I want to be able to ban myself from Metafilter temporarily.
posted by pracowity on Feb 8, 2005 - 60 comments

is this MeTa post open or closed?

Quick! - tell me - without clicking through - is this MeTa post open or closed? Well, which is it? Open or closed? You can't tell, can you? Sucks, doesn't it? You'd think a pop star tag junkie could spare an ASCII spangle to mark molested threads. But Nooooo. Crazy fascist likes to lure you in and jump out at you like a jack-in-the-box Mussolini. Sad. I spoke to his mother. She tells me he used to be such a good boy.
posted by Opus Dark on Jan 23, 2005 - 28 comments

Closing MeTa threads may be a bad idea

I submit reason number one that closing metatalk threads may, in fact, be a bad idea.
posted by The God Complex on Jan 15, 2005 - 132 comments

Closed thread bug

This thread, posted today, says it's over 30 days old and is closed for archival purposes.
posted by Vidiot on Dec 8, 2004 - 13 comments

what is the system bottleneck that makes new users a bad thing?

Matt - speaking curiously, what is the system bottleneck that makes new users a bad thing? I presume it's database load, because the logged-in user enjoys comment counts and other database-intensive features that are demanding to serve. The static, logged-out homepage is easy to serve, even to a large number of visitors, by comparison, right? The real danger number to watch is the pageviews by logged-in users (please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm totally guessing). Are there features we could sacrifice for the sake of an open reg? What are you all willing to give up to open the gates? User comment history? Custom timezones and comment previews...?
posted by scarabic on Aug 6, 2004 - 81 comments

From the outside looking in

“Much as I hate to admit it, I like Metafilter and I wish that I could become a member so that I could participate in yet another failed attempt to acheive concensus in our grand extended mediated public conversation thing we got going on here (or, from a different perspective, this fantastically successful attempt to foster fractious contention).”

“Listen, not everyone is meant to be ‘With It,’ right. Long ago I decided that the least I could do to stand up for all that divides us is to refuse to be the kind of person who milled in line in front of the club whose cache was primarily granted by the fact that you (and the likes of you) couldn't get in. The rest of us have two choices. We can mill around in the line, playing the fools to justify the chosen types, or we can go it alone.”

“And thus meta-meta-metafilter is born. Metafilter already has a meta-Metafilter, Metatalk, so I had to take the next step down.” [more inside]
posted by Steve_at_Linnwood on Jun 11, 2004 - 87 comments


When attempting to open a thread in the blue this morning, JRun closed connection.

The nerve of JRun!
posted by moonbird on Feb 25, 2004 - 24 comments

Updated link for closed thread?

What does one do with an updated link for something that's already been posted, after the thread's been closed? (More inside...)
posted by me3dia on Jul 30, 2003 - 21 comments

How to update a closed thread?

FollowupFilter? I was using the subject of this thread as an example in an email today, and while researching it I noticed that just today there was an update to this story. The original thread is locked, but I not sure this is FPP worthy.
posted by betaray on Apr 23, 2003 - 11 comments

Thread closure timeliness

This thread is over 3 days old, and has been closed for archival purposes. [more inside]

posted by stinglessbee on Nov 4, 2002 - 28 comments

Closed thread means not-a-double policy

"Um, isn't this a kinda sorta double-post? [/meanie]"
"This thread is over 30 days old, and has been closed for archival purposes."
So it being a repost is not relevant. I propose a mortatorium on such statements, now that it is hard coded that threads are officially dead after one month. Comments pro & con are welcome herein.
posted by ZachsMind on Sep 11, 2002 - 12 comments

Is metafilter membership currently open or closed?

Is metafilter membership currently open or closed? There seems to be some confusion. Could Matt please clear this up by issuing some sort of official statement? Please?

From what I understand, ostensibly it's closed, but I looked and found the most recent user profile I could, which shows this user is new as of July 24, 2002. Uh, that's pretty recent in my book.

Yes, this is Matt's fiefdom and he can do as he damn well pleases, but frankly some of us think that this "it's closed / no wait, it's really open but only on my terms (which are secret)" kind of thing is uncool, to say the least. Maybe that's not how it is, but it's how it may appear to some people.

Care to clue us all in on what the official word is, Matt?
posted by beth on Jul 25, 2002 - 102 comments

Signups closed, members grow

The membership number keeps going up, yet I thought the site was closed off. What am I missing?
posted by Voyageman on Nov 12, 2001 - 13 comments

My friend wants to sign up

A friend from Oakland told me two nights go night she was unable to register to become a member? Was there a problem with the site, or is she daft (my view).
posted by Voyageman on Nov 9, 2001 - 24 comments

Mefi closing? For serious sez #1

Mefi hacked again? I was reading this thread and someone posting under your name said this:
k10k and Dreamless are taking breaks, not closing permanently.
As MetaFilter will, from August 6th to August 20th. I'll be in Australia, and will be taking the site down during my time away, to ensure I don't have any reason to worry about the site while I spend my vacation/honeymoon relaxing.
posted by fooljay on Jul 14, 2001 - 29 comments

please post my comments!! (closed membership)

The huddled masses are getting desperate!

I received the following e-mail yesterday:

From PreesiGirl@aol.com
To:pikachulolita@home.com, edchamp@earthlink.net, srosenyc@aol.com

Hi Everyone,
Since 'Metafilter' aint accepting new users I thought I'd
write to a bunch of you. Someone please post my comments
for me?

Heres my take on MaryRomantic (Mary Terry):
Read the part about the gift and the 'snag-points'
Also think about the fact that she's asking for something
unattainable in men (IE no one will ever fit her profile). And the fact that she only meets them
in public and that she ultimately has the full power to say, "Sorry! I don't think YOU are 'him', Goodbye" !
That is after She has obtained the GIFT.
Look at this statement:
[. No matter what kind of other strange message I may hear on your answering machine, even if it sounds as though you won't be around until way past our appointed date time, I'll know that that kind of message doesn't pertain to me, ]
This makes ME believe as though ALOT of men have gotten thru to her answering machine and those are the strange messages.

The fact that she's jobless and unmarried leads me to the following:

Mary is a grifter! In the same fashion as Robert Blakes wife was.
She has men meet her somewhere, probably where her real boyfriend
is hiding behind a bush, gets her 'gift' and chats with him for a few minutes and since she has the authority in the say so of the meeting
she tells him she needs to think about him and she'll contact HIM!
She never does and goes on to the next sucker thats lined up in a few minutes somewhere else.
The men are too ashamed that they fell for this that they don't dare discuss it with friends or go to the cops.
If the gift is $100.00, she could make a nice income off of this grifting!

Just my observations.

PS Ed? I thought the same thing about LRonHubbard and her site. LOL


posted by ParisParamus on Jun 10, 2001 - 9 comments

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