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I'm trying to find a thread (either in AskMe or Meta) that mentioned a piece of live sound equipment. The person who mentioned it, raved about it as I recall and now I can't find the thread. It was a rack-mount unit that was an audio enhancement tool for live sound situations. Anyone remember this? It's making me nuts!
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Is it in here somewhere? (More results for "rackmount" than for "rack-mount".)
posted by interrobang at 1:13 PM on November 7, 2005

Thank Interobang. I did search on that tag and didn't find it.
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 1:16 PM on November 7, 2005

Ah! Found it. In one of my own threads even.
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 1:23 PM on November 7, 2005

Not particularly useful for live sound, being software-based, but for background see also.
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 1:28 PM on November 7, 2005

Yeah, I would have guessed BBE. It makes things sound good.
posted by kindall at 1:33 PM on November 7, 2005

Hmmmm.. That good to know, Goodnewsfortheinsane. I thought, based on loquacious's remarks, that is could be used in a live situation. Thanks for the info.
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 1:46 PM on November 7, 2005

Whoa sorry Kevin, that was a bit confusing. The link points to a review of the software *version* of the Maximizer; there is a hardware version that precedes the software plug-in, and can be used in live situations.
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 2:26 PM on November 7, 2005

Stupidquestionfilter: why is this in the grey and not in AskMeFi??/ Only cos I'm new to this, you understand....
posted by Wilder at 2:35 PM on November 7, 2005

Wilder: Kevin was trying to find a thread that he couldn't find using conventional search - in that sense it's Metafilter-related, and would therefore be more suitable to the grey than to the green (AskMe).
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 2:37 PM on November 7, 2005

Thats cool goodnewsfortheinsane. Actually found what I needed on the BBE site. I appreciate your insight. Matt and Jessamyn - feel free to close this.
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 2:40 PM on November 7, 2005

-D'you know there's a steering wheel coming out of your pants?
-Ar, it's making me nuts!
posted by Wolfdog at 2:46 PM on November 7, 2005

Arrrrgh!! It's driving me nuts!

And it's a pirate.

posted by Skygazer at 3:20 PM on November 7, 2005

fwiw I have a BBE Sonic Maximizer, and while it does make stuff sound better (as I understand, by making the bass hit slightly after/before the highs, so your mixes are less muddy), i don't know if it's a must-have piece of gear if you're talking about doing a Live PA and are already doing a good job on the levels. Here's an interesting thread on the BBE SM that has some commentary from the guy who apparently helped write the software plug version (modeled after the hw version, I assume). Worth reading.

I should mention that I'm in no way qualified to make anything but a subjective comment on the equipment, as I don't know much about pro audio or engineering, but I do know that the difference between BBE being in my rack and not being in it was pretty slight.
posted by fishfucker at 3:59 PM on November 7, 2005

Ar, it's making me nuts!

That's a hard joke to screw up. Congratulations, I guess.
posted by languagehat at 4:46 PM on November 7, 2005

Driving, driving... nah, I don't get it.
posted by Wolfdog at 4:56 PM on November 7, 2005

Also, you should use the affirmative element "yar" to signal piratical agreement.
posted by cortex at 5:44 PM on November 7, 2005

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