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When posting to AskMe there is some confusion on the descriptions of the text boxes. I copied the italicized text from the "Preview Your Question" AskMe posting page.

Below the "Your question" box the text reads:
This will be the "more inside" area where you explain additional details about the question if necessary. If you use this space, don't write "more inside" to the question area, it will automatically be added for you.

Then below the "Extended explanation" box is something similar:
(optional) This will be the "more inside" area where you explain the question fully if necessary and remember there is no need to write "more inside" .....

I found this a little confusing and repetitive. I know that the top box is what would be a FPP, but maybe this could be phrased better? Is the text below the top box supposed to introduce/explain the second box? Of course, I posted a question so now I can't get back to the original "Post a new question" page to see if that is how this is written there.
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Hey, you're right. The preview page has the wrong description. The initial posting page says this:
This will show up on the front page, so try to ask your entire question while keeping it to a paragraph or so (if you must go on longer, use the optional extended area)
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