Looking for old FPP on networked cameras November 30, 2005 7:00 AM   Subscribe

Need help finding an old FPP. New search feature not very helpful...
posted by j.p. Hung to Feature Requests at 7:00 AM (5 comments total)

Hey everyone, hoping someone can help me with this. About a year or so ago, someone made a post about network camera systems. Apparently, with a simple Google search it turned up like 900 (or some ridiculous number) Live View cameras that you could view. I want to get back to that thread because one of my friends actually works in one of the places that was linked via that thread - I wanted to show him.

I've tried Mefi's new search feature but I much preferred the previous version. Can anyone help???
posted by j.p. Hung at 7:01 AM on November 30, 2005

posted by danb at 7:14 AM on November 30, 2005

Search for cams. It's the third result. Don't hate the search.
posted by smackfu at 7:15 AM on November 30, 2005

Thanks danb, that was the one. Smakfu, maybe I was trying to be too specific in my search.

Either way, THANKS, my buddy is going to love this.
posted by j.p. Hung at 7:27 AM on November 30, 2005

I love that the link worked even though I mangled the code with two right angle brackets and a stray question mark. Hooray for trivial HTML errors.
posted by danb at 12:12 PM on November 30, 2005

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