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February 27

Add request for followup to AskMeFi

Would we like a feature to request that an original poster, asking for recommendations, follow up with a comment about what they did, or if some place, restaurant, or service was recommended whether it worked out and why or why not? [more inside]

January 10

Resubscribe to MeFi’s RSS feeds

I wanted to let you all know that we're replacing FeedBurner with RSS feeds hosted on our own domains before next week’s Site Update. [more inside]

November 22, 2023

Hiding posts?

We often say "If you have nothing nice to say, feel free to skip this thread" or "Don't argue with other responses in an Ask MeFi thread", but we don't provide the easiest way people can do this. [more inside]

October 10, 2023

MetaFilter: The Quickening

Proposition: We should consider lowering the waiting time for new posts on the blue from one day to 12 hours. [more inside]

September 19, 2023

New Layout for fanfare - make it the default?

This is a test page that was created for Fanfare that I think would be way better at fostering conversations and getting people chatting. You can see active conversations and jump in if they interest you, and start a new one if there's a show/movie/game you like that's been posted but isn't getting any attention. Can it be the default? Hopefully an extremely simple change, and the old style could be kept as a fallback.

September 8, 2023

Movie Review System on FanFare?

In the post on Rotten Tomatoes, someone mentioned Metacritic, which immediately made my inner reader voice add “(no relation)”. And it made me wonder - at this point, especially thanks to DirtyOldTown’s continuing fantastic posting of older movies, whether we could add a “liked it / it was ok / didn’t like it” button that people could click that would show as a metric under the post, like a favorites count. [more inside]

August 7, 2023

Turn off the high-beams on Mobile Safari

When scrolling the various meta* sites at night on Mobile Safari, the larger soft-gray and translucent address bar is replaced with a smaller, but full white bar that lights up the entire room. [more inside]

June 30, 2023

CamelCase reminder for tagging new posts?

Relatively small request: Can we change the text above the Tags field when making new posts so that it encourages using CamelCase when combining multiple words into one tag, to help members with visual impairments who use screenreaders? For instance, changing the example in the text "searchengine" to "SearchEngine"? This will help screenreading software better parse the meaning of the tag. [more inside]

June 29, 2023

FanFare AutoBoost thought for your consideration

How about adding a 'trigger' that moves a movie to the top of the page when it goes to streaming. And other "life events" in the career of any particular media. Perhaps when a book is turned into another form (see Like Water for Chocolate ballet) which is also a film, (hmm needs an opera:) The easiest initial implementation would be a place to insert a release date for theater->streaming, not sure how to auto-populate but we can research that. Mostly for blockbusters but that does seem to be a preponderance of films on the lavender.

June 23, 2023

Italicization is significant (again).

Should the search results pages' excerpts reflect the italicization of the original comments? [more inside]

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