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Any chance we could get the "flag post" link on the my recent comments page? If it's easy that is, not really a big deal. I just spend a lot of time reading comments on there these days instead of the actual threads.
posted by loquax to Feature Requests at 1:46 PM (7 comments total)

just hit the "said" link on each comment to flag it.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 1:56 PM on December 15, 2005

Yes. Just lazy I guess, and too spoiled by the convenience of the page. Never mind. Thanks.
posted by loquax at 2:01 PM on December 15, 2005

I'm lazier, which is why I suggest going that route so I don't have to code anything new. :)
posted by mathowie (staff) at 2:03 PM on December 15, 2005

Quite understandable. Thanks for the response!
posted by loquax at 2:20 PM on December 15, 2005

This is my opportunity to link to my Metafilter Asynchronous Flagging Greasemonkey script.
posted by Plutor at 2:21 PM on December 15, 2005

I would comment if I weren't so lazy.

woo paralipsis
posted by cortex at 2:22 PM on December 15, 2005

plutor, that's pretty cool. I'd happily add that into the site if you sent me some cross platform js for show/hiding the form layer and saying "flag recorded" after submit.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 3:22 PM on December 15, 2005

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