I accidentally posted twice, what will happen? October 8, 2001 10:51 AM   Subscribe

I accidentally posted twice, what will happen?
posted by sean17 to Etiquette/Policy at 10:51 AM (9 comments total)

Matt will delete it when he notices, a few people will rag on you for posting twice, and the whole thing will be forgotten when some other newbie (or oldbie who should know better) does something dumb. At current traffic levels, that should be about 15 minutes.
posted by harmful at 10:55 AM on October 8, 2001

well, since it was a self-link, the point is moot nonetheless: they're both gone. don't do it anymore, sean.
posted by moz at 10:56 AM on October 8, 2001

I have to delete it, which I did.

I also deleted the original. Don't self-link, ok? There's been a rash of them lately, including someone posing as another person linking to their own material.

There's a reason for the no self-link rule. You lose editorial integrity and you lose objectivity. You think it's a great post, but someone not involved in the site may not find it so well done. It's too close to home.

If it's such a great article, someone will find it and post it here for everyone to see (don't read this as a call to signup under another name or ask a friend to link this for you, just let it happen).

And the comment on the article didn't help:
Do we even have readers? :D I think we need to get linked in more places.

translation: I'm going to go get some traffic for our blog, despite any rules that may be in place.

Doing things like this should be grounds for removing a member's right to link in the future, if I were more on top of these sorts of things.

btw, what's up with all the popunders on that blog? You buy a domain but redirect to hypermart, which hides some nasty launchers for multiple popunders?
posted by mathowie (staff) at 11:05 AM on October 8, 2001

You’ll be okay as long as you confess.
posted by gleemax at 11:28 AM on October 8, 2001

Actually, a correction in light of recent events: It will be forgotten quickly unless you choose to keep harping on it. I'm not saying you would, but I've seen a few recent transgressors who kept moaning about how horribly they'd been treated, long past the point when anyone else would have cared.

Go now, and sin no more.
posted by harmful at 11:41 AM on October 8, 2001

Ego te absolvo, eh harmful? The self-link thing was kind of bad...
posted by j.edwards at 11:52 AM on October 8, 2001

Three months hard labor translating clavdivs's personal journals.
posted by jpoulos at 12:21 PM on October 8, 2001

Now that’s funny.
posted by gleemax at 12:40 PM on October 8, 2001

Qui bene amat bene castigat

hey, j.edwards started it...
posted by MiguelCardoso at 6:35 PM on October 8, 2001

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