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I don't use blogger, so I don't know if this functionality exists elsewhere, but this looks pretty cool for blogger users on Mac OS 10.1.
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I for one, still can't get bookmarklets to work with Greymatter on a Mac browser, even with this.
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I'm the Author of the program listed above, it's called BlogScript. It's a powerful AppleScript that takes advantage of the new XML-RPC and Script Menu features of Mac OS X v10.1 (released Sept, 28th). It has already received over 1000 downloads from various sources, the positive response has been overwhelming.

The premise of the script is to allow a Blogger to copy text from any Application, and then select BlogScript from a menu. The script will automatically post and publish the text to the users weblog. No need to launch a browser, no need to login. It takes about 15 seconds to set up and install and your ready to go - able to use any text editor to post to your weblog. Enjoy.
Blog Script Info page at

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