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The FPP by bigmusic on nontheistic spirituality is a perfect example of why I love MeFi. After a tough shift at work, it's after midnight,I have a couple of drinks, a fruitless search of cable TV for something to watch besides the Alito posturings on CSPAN2, I turn to the Web and there's MeFi, randomly tossing up the real deal, the stuff worth thinking about. From Weebl and Bob to Iraq and Rummy to questions of our ultimate reasons for being, I get more pleasure out of this site than anywhere else on the whole friggin' Net. Go ahead and delete this, Matt, because I know it isnt really a discussion topic, but I was moved to tears of joy to have something worthwhile to consider in the wee hours. Thanks. (And I want bonus points for having the sense to post this to MeTa, instead of as a useless comment to bigmusic's thread.)
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You said go ahead and delete this, but I'll close it instead.
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