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We just got this request a bit ago, but I'm afraid I must make a similar one. Can someone post an AskMe for me? I've got a time sensitive question and AskMe tends to be the best place to get good help [more inside]
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I posted a question within the last few days, and then this weekend I found an amazing condo. I've been condo hunting in Chicago for a while now, and had originally been looking in a few neighborhoods in Chicago that just didn't have much to offer in my price range.

Well, I found an awesome one, and the price is good, so it could be sold any day now hence the time sensitivity of it.

My one hangup about buying this condo is my lack of familiarity with the neighborhood (Albany Park) and the transportation therein.

I'd like to know if any Chicago folks could tell me more about the Albany Park area than the wikipedia article can, which isn't much. I took a drive around and couldn't even find a coffee shop or anything, let alone a place where I might see some live music. I didn't even see any pubs/bars. Did I drive the wrong roads?

Basically - if I were living on Spaulding near Lawrence - is there any entertainment or at least comfy coffeeshops within walking distance? It's a block or two from a brown line stop, but I can't find an easy means of answering the question "what cool stuff can I get to via the brown line?". I do know that some of the fun places I like to go are in the Bucktown/Logan Square areas, but that doesn't mean I won't go elsewhere. I like live music, bars (more on the comfy or maybe dive side than the frat boy or club side) and would like to see more theater (Neofuturarium-type things would be great for those in the know!).

If anyone could post this to AskMeFi, I'd be really grateful.

[also, I didn't change the topic, this is not "bugs", sorry, I'm a doofus]
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Matt, have you perhaps considered a way for people to ask additional questions when they don't have "credits"? Perhaps a $2 paypal charge or something?
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Ziggurat - thank you kindly. I really appreciate it a LOT.
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Oh and yeah, I would totally have paid $2 or something. In fact I thought about paying $5 and creating a new name, but I really don't like the whole multiple account concept too much so I didn't.
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furthermore, you didn't remember the 1 week wait time before posting
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Oh yeah, good point matkline.. spending $5 wouldn't have helped me :-p duh. I not smart.
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Ask a contact to do it.
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I really, really, really hope that this does not become a regular thing on MetaTalk.
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I really, really, really hope the bitching stops and the thread closes.
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