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You know, there ought to be a rule (or at least social approbation) against a self-linking double post callout. It seems like it's OK to link to previous comments, but one should let a third party make the DP call.
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Funny that. I don't know why the bugs tag was attached.

But now that I'm here, perhaps that's a bug?
posted by three blind mice at 8:51 AM on April 12, 2006

Your bug report is a double post.
posted by agropyron at 8:53 AM on April 12, 2006

Why? It seems that the person who posted the original link has the best chance of recognizing it the second time.
posted by occhiblu at 8:53 AM on April 12, 2006

I've done this once or twice myself. If I'm the first person to notice it's a double, I shouldn't say anything because it might be seen as...what, bragging? One-upping? Not getting the problem here. I don't see why we need "a rule" for this.

To hell with da rulez! (remember da rulez? good times...)
posted by iconomy at 8:56 AM on April 12, 2006

three blind mice, you're totally high. Of course he'd recognize it if he posted about it already. And let's not lower the bar for "self-link" further to include a link to a post you made on mefi that is completely relevant to what you are saying.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 8:57 AM on April 12, 2006

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