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I just added a feedback mechanism to Projects. If you want to test it first, try it out here and let me know if you find any bugs. You can leave one bit of feedback on any Project, and only the author will see them.
posted by mathowie (staff) to Feature Requests at 2:32 PM (21 comments total)

Left feedback for example project and another. No weirdness encountered.
posted by cortex at 2:35 PM on April 19, 2006

Cool. No weirdness should happen, though it may seem weird not to see your own bit of feedback after it gets submitted.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 2:37 PM on April 19, 2006

Did throw me a bit, yeah.
posted by cortex at 2:42 PM on April 19, 2006

So you can only leave one feedback per project?
posted by bigmusic at 2:58 PM on April 19, 2006

cortex said an awesome thing about one of my projects! It works! The new system really works! Love is being spread as we speak! Thanks cortex! Thanks Matt!
posted by nylon at 3:15 PM on April 19, 2006

Ooooh I am sensing potential for anonymous answers in anonymous AskMe.

/feature creep
posted by scarabic at 3:23 PM on April 19, 2006

Wow, I really like the new look of the place, as well.
posted by Squid Voltaire at 3:47 PM on April 19, 2006

Any chance we could see our own feedback?
posted by blue_beetle at 3:50 PM on April 19, 2006

Any chance we could see our own feedback?

Wha? Oh, you mean the feedback that you have left.
posted by cortex at 3:59 PM on April 19, 2006

The only one feedback thing seems arbitrary and wrong; folks should be allowed to send another comment or two if something new strikes them.
posted by mediareport at 4:02 PM on April 19, 2006

Er, meant to start off with a "Great job" first, Matt, then a "but..." :)
posted by mediareport at 4:03 PM on April 19, 2006

Ok, you should be able to see your own feedback now.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 4:05 PM on April 19, 2006

mediareport, how about three comments max? I just don't want to see someone bombarded with feedback from a single user. Might get old real quick.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 4:06 PM on April 19, 2006

On the linked project, which is supposedly deleted, the comment box is still there and when I commented it apparently went through. Might want to touch that up.
posted by kyleg at 6:03 PM on April 19, 2006

Three comments is ok by me, Matt. One just seemed too stringent.

Now, about those requests for some sort of waiting period - or, better, a minimal community participation requirement - before a new member can post to Projects...
posted by mediareport at 8:07 PM on April 19, 2006

mediareport, I don't mind if new members sign up to pimp their projects. Self-linkers need an outlet and the good ones will get reposted to mefi. I won't approve really lame or get-rich-quick ones, so that's no longer a worry (in the past, I didn't review them first). I don't mind if projects are coming from new members or old ones, I just want to see new sites and I haven't been disappointed by the last couple weeks of projects.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 8:31 PM on April 19, 2006

Ok, if you want to keep approving them individually, go for it. For what it's worth, I do agree with you on the interestingness of the latest batch of projects; it just seems like a weird evolution from "here's what mefi members have been up to lately" to "hey, stranger, pay $5 and post your project." Still, there's no doubt the pudding's been pretty good lately, and it's hard to argue with that.
posted by mediareport at 9:41 PM on April 19, 2006

My enthusiasm for it is definitely because it removes some of the incentive to self-link on metafilter, which was a recurring problem lately. Also with approved projects, I can still delete and not post the stupidest ones, saving us all the trouble.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 10:52 PM on April 19, 2006

Just out of curiosity, how many projects make the cut these days?
posted by delmoi at 12:47 AM on April 20, 2006

I'd be interested in what feedback other users left.
posted by haqspan at 10:08 AM on April 20, 2006

Holy cow. Should have left project #1 open, so we could still vote and leave good feedback!
posted by steef at 6:51 AM on April 21, 2006

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