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Are there any Toronto MeFites who would like to play volleyball on Wednesday nights for the next seven weeks?
I signed up for co-ed indoor volleyball thinking it was something new I might enjoy, but I HATE it. So I'm looking for someone to take my place.
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I should say that the reasons for which I hate it are specific to me. The location is inconvenient for me. It's near where I work, so it's not worth going home before the game, yet this leaves me with anywhere from 2.5 to 5.5 hours to kill between the end of my work day and game time, and then after the 55 minute game it's a 1.5 hour trip home. Moreover, though I registered for the recreational level, the league assigned me to the intermediate level, where I most emphatically do not belong. I can't stand the thought of spending my next seven Wednesday evenings this way.

So, if you're considering being my alternate, here are the stats:

- my teammates are a nice bunch in their twenties and thirties who didn't shoot me a single dirty look all night despite my wretched level of play.

- you can be male or female

- you must be at least 19

- don't worry too much about your level of skill as you can't possibly be worse than I was

- my/your place on the team is paid for. I'm not asking you for anything but your word of honour that you will play every game for the next seven Wednesdays and be nice to my nice teammates

- the court is located at Bayview and Lawrence

- the start times are various - 6:30. 7:30, 8:30, or 9:30

- once I have your name and contact info, I'll take care of getting you onto the roster so that you don't have to worry about being escorted off the court in disgrace

Email me if this interests you.
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No, but if anyone's offering baseball in Phoenix on Wednesdays I'll take it.
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Craig's List seems to be little known in Toronto, so I thought I'd try posting here as well as asking around at work and so forth.
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Oh joy! Oh joy!!!!!!!!

I sent TSCCS a message entitled, "I wish I could quit you, volleyball," which related the specifics of my horrible experience and asked how I could withdraw from the team without letting my teammates down. Here’s the response I got:

Hey [Orange Swan],

Oh dear. What a terrible sounding experience. We certainly never want
our members feeling this way.

I can withdraw your registration and refund your fee. I wouldn't worry
about leaving the team in a pickle as we have people looking to play all
the time and there were probably some people absent last night.

I'll put forth the paper work for you today - a refund will be done to
your card within 7 - 10 business days.

I do hope you'll sign up with us again (perhaps try something else) -
over 12,000 people play with our league and are happy, so we must do
something right! We'll get you in the right spot, I promise!

[sports league employee who is obviously a lovely woman]

Problem solved more than satisfactorily!!!!! I am so happy I could.. almost be willing to play volleyball and not mind.

But not quite.
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I'm so relieved.
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I've got an open spot on a Phoenix baseball team—wait, it's Thursday mornings. Sorry.
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