How about a Portland, Oregon meetup? May 13, 2006 3:52 PM   Subscribe

How about a Portland, Oregon meetup May 19, 20 or 21? Somewhere near the Pearl district would be great.
posted by timeistight to MetaFilter Gatherings at 3:52 PM (15 comments total)

The one on 3 June isn't soon enough for you?
posted by dersins at 4:13 PM on May 13, 2006

Well, time is tight. Ba-dum-dum-ching!
posted by matthewr at 5:21 PM on May 13, 2006

I won't be there then. Oh, well...
posted by timeistight at 6:39 PM on May 13, 2006

We could have a flash meetup Friday afternoon—shot of tequila and a high five.
posted by cortex at 8:14 PM on May 13, 2006

Sounds good. Where?
posted by timeistight at 10:57 PM on May 13, 2006

I live next door to Market St. Pub, and so can endorse that location without pause.
posted by cortex at 11:02 PM on May 13, 2006

5:30 okay?
posted by timeistight at 6:14 PM on May 14, 2006

Sounds good. To sum up:

Instant meetup, Friday May 19th @ 5:30PM, McMenamins Market St. Pub, Downtown.

This does not affect the planned June 3rd meetup in any way.
posted by cortex at 7:02 PM on May 14, 2006

I'll be on the 5:25 train to Portland so by the time I get there, you folks'll probably be long gone (either in the geographical sense or the intoxicatory sense).
posted by matildaben at 1:37 PM on May 15, 2006

5:25 arriving PDX, or 5:25 leaving Seattle? Because I can only pound so many shots of tequila and deliver so many high-fives. And the limit on the latter is tied inextricably to my capacity for the former.
posted by cortex at 3:13 PM on May 15, 2006

I'll get in around 9ish.
posted by matildaben at 10:13 PM on May 15, 2006

I suppose I should leave soon.
posted by cortex at 5:23 PM on May 19, 2006

It was fun! Matt showed up for once! I had to leave because my brother is cooking dinner!
posted by cortex at 6:31 PM on May 19, 2006

Darn, I missed Matt! Any photos?
posted by matildaben at 10:50 AM on May 23, 2006

I did not have my camera. Dunno if anyone showed up after Matt and timeistight+wife, but none of those three were shooting either.
posted by cortex at 12:17 PM on May 23, 2006

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