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Is there another London meetup next Tuesday?
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I'd attend, but I'd have to bring my boyfriend, a non MeFite. Is that against the rules? ;)
posted by k8t at 1:10 AM on May 23, 2006

The only rule is that there are no rules.

Except 'No spitting'.

Also, yeah, why not? Where? When?
posted by armoured-ant at 1:32 AM on May 23, 2006

MetaFilter: Because you have nothing better to do.

also, yeah, I promise to actually come this time if this actually gets arranged. *goes looking for interesting pubs*
posted by public at 2:03 AM on May 23, 2006

I have dinner reservations at 8:15, so I'd have to come after that or before that. (After may be better, as we have an early flight the next morning.)
posted by k8t at 2:23 AM on May 23, 2006

The reason I asked is because ludwig_van mentioned another gig he's doing on 30 May here. So if people are up for a meetup at the Slaughtered Lamb, I'll probably pitch up.
posted by essexjan at 3:01 AM on May 23, 2006

What time is the gig?
posted by k8t at 3:17 AM on May 23, 2006

I have a day off that day so ought to be able to make it - plus have promised l_v I will attend, so really ought to make good on it.

my first meet-up, all very scary
posted by greycap at 5:21 AM on May 23, 2006

Yes, mine too, greycap. I understand the scariness.
posted by essexjan at 5:54 AM on May 23, 2006

Ha! I looked at this and thought, "wtf, meetup? I can't come, I have a show!"

To be honest, though, I wasn't going to post about this one. I have two more shows before I leave the country - May 30th @ The Slaughtered Lamb and June 9th @ The Garage. I was going to wait and invite everyone to come to The Garage, as it'll be my last hurrah, the set will be more different from the last one, and it's a Friday night rather than a Tuesday. And also I promised the promoter I'd bring lots of people.

So, by all means, don't let me stop you from coming to The Slaughtered Lamb, but I think The Garage might be a better meetup opportunity?
posted by ludwig_van at 5:56 AM on May 23, 2006

But thanks for being so thoughtful, essexjan!
posted by ludwig_van at 6:08 AM on May 23, 2006

I can't make it but have fun all - mr ludwig is well worth catching
posted by dodgygeezer at 6:14 AM on May 23, 2006

I'm considering it, as I definitely can't make the Garage on June 9th...

Scary prospect thirded and all that.
posted by slimepuppy at 6:54 AM on May 23, 2006

Well, for those considering it, this page has links to the other people who will also be playing on the 30th.

Also, meetups are not scary. Or if they are, I submit that you're just not drunk enough.
posted by ludwig_van at 7:03 AM on May 23, 2006

How do mefi people recognise each other? There some kind of secret handshake? Can you smell the sarcasm and air of superiority? Snappy dress sense? Or do you simply follow the magnificent 'tash?
posted by slimepuppy at 7:25 AM on May 23, 2006

Heh. I believe the armoured_ant method of MeFite identification involves a battery of questions which relate to an individual's familiarity with the ways of pancakes and ponies.
posted by ludwig_van at 7:35 AM on May 23, 2006

The nerds interesting people writing signs on A4 paper should be a hint.
If there aren't any nerds interesting people, go to the bar, come back and you'll probably meet some on the way, or the people you previously thought were normal mundane have now pulled out their pads and biros.
posted by NinjaTadpole at 7:38 AM on May 23, 2006

I thought there was only one rule... The first rule of MetaFilter is -- you don't talk about MetaFilter.
posted by Dub at 8:33 AM on May 23, 2006

Some of us can't make it down to London for just a few hours without enormous amounts of clever planning and stuff. I so want to go and yet again it falls at a pants time.

posted by longbaugh at 9:07 AM on May 23, 2006

I thought there was only one rule... The first rule of MetaFilter is -- you don't talk about MetaFilter.

The second rule of Robot Club MetaFilter is -- you don't talk about MetaFilter. Oh no I got that one wrong - the second rule is: No Smoking.
posted by greycap at 9:12 AM on May 23, 2006

longbaugh: is the problem that you will or that you won't be wearing any?
posted by patricio at 9:15 AM on May 23, 2006

I'll see you lot there (finally a London meet-up scheduled soon after payday!)
posted by katiecat at 9:20 AM on May 23, 2006

Given my history with drinking patricio, my pants would likely enter some sort of superposition during the evening, akin to the Schrödinger's cat experiment. Adding more alcohol would ruin the experiment (and likely everyone else's evening) by confirming the state of my pants as "removed".
posted by longbaugh at 9:49 AM on May 23, 2006

How do mefi people recognise each other?

P_G started the tradition of asking if a suspected person was a "friend of Matthew Haughey" or something like that.
posted by grouse at 10:12 AM on May 23, 2006

OK, I'll be there on Tuesday.
posted by essexjan at 10:27 AM on May 23, 2006

I'll be there.

I'll wear pink.
posted by armoured-ant at 11:07 AM on May 23, 2006

How about... we ALL wear pink?
posted by armoured-ant at 11:07 AM on May 23, 2006

/me high-fives greycap, consumes jaffa cakes.

I'm still away at uni and therefore not in our beloved capital, but schedule a meetup after June 17th and I'll be there.
posted by Lotto at 12:03 PM on May 23, 2006

I go home on June 16th :(
posted by ludwig_van at 1:25 PM on May 23, 2006

can I send my sock puppet in my place?
posted by tiamat at 6:50 PM on May 23, 2006

Now you're all just teasing me on purpose. I'll be virtually there at least!
posted by keijo at 9:46 AM on May 25, 2006

For those who plan on attending, here are the performers and stage times:

8pm Olivia Flenley
8:30pm Spekki Chris
9pm Andy Raeburn
9:30pm Sebastian Waldejer
10 pm M W Bewick
10:30pm Steve Goldberg

So we'll be playing last. This flyer has directions and will get you a 1 pound discount at the door.

Also, here's the poster for the next and final show.
posted by ludwig_van at 7:12 AM on May 26, 2006

//How about... we ALL wear pink?//
[armoured-ant] If I'm there, I'll wear pink under my normal clothes.
posted by Dub at 10:02 AM on May 27, 2006

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